When it comes to the unique Bugatti La Car Noire, even delivering a pre-production model is an event


Every Bugatti is special, but vehicles like The Black Car are on a completely different level. And its delivery, although not the one-off supercar but a pre-production model, is a special event, as shown in a new video released by TheTFJJ.

As previously mentioned, The Black Car was limited to a single copy, but its superlatives don’t end there. Inspired by the Type 57 SC Atlantic of the 1930s, it features a fully customized carbon fiber bodywork and a familiar quad-turbo W16 engine, and its $ 18 million price tag has earned it the car title. most expensive new in the world up to the $ 28 million Rolls. -Royce Boat Tail has arrived.

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But before you worry that such an expensive car is sitting right outside a hotel in London, it should be noted that again this La Car Noire is actually the pre-production display model that Bugatti used during the lounges. That being said, it is still extremely valuable as it is still constructed from the same exotic materials; it just doesn’t have an engine.

Going back to the delivery video, it starts with the car arriving in a box truck. The truck’s tailgate then not only lowers hydraulically so the car can exit, but the ground inside also tilts at the angle of the ramp so the Bugatti has no clearance issues. It’s at this point that we get to see it up close for one of the first times anywhere other than a staged promotional frame, and you can really appreciate all the little details that went into its creation. After that, they then park The Black Car in a transparent box outside the Londoner Hotel, turning it into what is arguably the most expensive Christmas decoration in the world.

To watch the delivery process for yourself, you can watch the video below.


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