What Remedy’s Max Payne Remakes Can Learn From EA’s Dead Space


Players recently received exciting news that a remake of the first two Max Payne titles are in preparation. Remedy Entertainment announced via Twitter that it would be spearheading the development of the remake of the first two games, but as of now, no release date has been announced. However, what he did announce is that the remake will be released on PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X.

After the announcement, fans are cautious and keeping expectations for the Max Payne do the bass again. With the PR disaster Rockstar faced following the release of the Grand Theft Auto Trilogy remasters, Remedy should pay close attention to how other remakes in development approach things. A good example to emulate would be that of EA dead space remake, which is crossed out by Motive. Here’s what Remedy can learn from the current dead space re-develop.


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Full transparency

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After the disastrous launches of games like No Man’s Sky, Fallout 76and Cyberpunk 2077, something fans want game studios and developers to provide more of is complete transparency of the game development process – and that’s exactly what Motive has done. From time to time, the developer launches a livestream to show off the progress it has made with the dead space remake. Fans know what developers do and, more importantly, how they do it.

With the post gameGrant Autoflight remakes, Remedy needs to play its cards right and not make the same mistakes as developer Grove Street Games. One way to do this is to be completely transparent with its development process and progression from start to finish. Not only would this give fans a better idea of ​​what to expect, but Remedy could also use this as an opportunity to gather valuable fan feedback and create a cycle of improvement in the development process. Not only would this most likely create Max Payne games that would ultimately be better products, but it would also give Rockstar and Remedy Entertainment a boost in their respective reputations.

Small adjustments matter

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A failure on the side of the Grove Street remake of the Grand Theft Auto Trilogy is that it didn’t bring many changes to players in terms of gameplay. Instead, GTA players faced a bunch of frustrating bugs with barely a graphical update. Reducing bugs, a massive visual upgrade from the original 2001 graphics, and adding various gameplay tweaks could do a lot for the game. Max Payne redone.

One of the most exciting updates to come dead space remake news is the ALIVE system that Motive recently announced. The studio also showed fans an upgrade to what happens when necromorphs are dismembered, and, like its sequels, the remake makes weightlessness work. While these may seem like tiny details, they are details that matter a lot in the long run. Remedy could give a massive update to the bullet-time system of Max Payne, or it could make the infamous Nightmare scene even scarier by changing the game’s environments and sounds. Additionally, it could update how characters take damage in a similar way to Motive and Necromorphs, or add realism to Max when he’s hurt – limping, labored breathing, injuries. The possibilities are limitless.

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Frequent developer updates

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Motive has decided to keep fans updated on the development of the dead space redo with frequent development updates. Regular development updates not only maintain the air of transparency on the developer side, but also keep the game top of mind for gamers, which keeps the hype going until release day. Motive did it so well that it became one of the best marketing strategies they could use to dead space.

The proof that this is a valid marketing strategy is in the pudding, and it’s obvious. Motive’s insistence on providing periodic developer updates has even caused the dead space redo to eclipse Glen Schofield The Callisto Protocol. It’s the best kind of marketing a video game could want, and Remedy should follow suit, providing fans with fairly regular updates of the Max Payne redone. Not only will fans know what to expect from the game as development progresses, but frequent updates will ensure that remakes of the first two Max Payne the games remain in the public eye.

Max Payne Remake Fans Deserve

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Whether Remedy Entertainment likes it or not, the Max Payne the remakes will be watched closely by fans. Although Max Payne 2 and Max pay 3 saw noticeable dips in sales back in the day, that doesn’t mean it’ll happen again when remakes of the first two games are finally released. The studio would do very well to pay attention to what the likes of Motive Studios are doing with the development of their respective remakes, doing their best not to err on the side of secrecy.

More importantly, if Rockstar wants to improve its reputation, it needs to make sure the game stays in the right direction. Remedy, on the other hand, had a good run with the Alan Wake remaster, and the studio needs to make sure it keeps things in the right direction with Max Payne. He can do this if he pays attention to what his industry peers are doing right (and wrong), starting from there.

Remakes of the first two Max Payne the games are currently in development and will be released on PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X/S.

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