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Hundreds of vehicles from a convoy protesting against Covid-19 restrictions arrived on the streets outside Parliament this morning. Many stopped in the middle of the road. And hundreds of protesters entered the precincts of parliament carrying flags and placards saying their rights were being violated.

They were demanding an end to the Covid-19 mandates and restrictions, and what they are seeing is media censorship of their opinions.

RNZ reports an increased number of vehicles were on SH1 north of Wellington this morning. Waikanae resident Tim Costley said there were “a few thousand” vehicles from Ohau to Waiterere Beach that all but stopped southbound traffic near Levin.

“They’re bumper to bumper all the way to Levin, you just can’t drive south on Oxford Street, the main road, at all. They all have flags and signs – it’s big.

Wellington City Council said commuters should avoid the CBD if trying to drive across town.

The council then tweeted: We cannot refuse the right to protest, but we will monitor and assist the police if necessary if there is a problem.

The police did not seem to have any problems, despite the roads blocked by the convoy and the threats made by some demonstrators.

Metlink announced at 11:55 a.m.:

We are experiencing service disruptions due to protest actions near Parliament. Route 14 services are being diverted and the 5111 – Molesworth Street stop at Houses of Parliament is closed.

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The DomPost reported that protesters left Palmerston North for Wellington at 6 a.m. At 10 a.m. he said the crowd outside Parliament was around 300 and Molesworth Street was blocked, with vehicles parked in the road and on the pavements. Wellington City Council’s Richard MacLean said the protest was “difficult to predict”, but the council recommended adding at least an hour to travel through the city.

At noon, Stuff reported:

A man on a microphone addressing the crowd in Parliament said much of the convoy was still up to Hutt Rd and Porirua. He reminded the crowd that the protest was peaceful and said speeches would not begin until the whole group arrived. … Convoy organizers were ordering protesters to block as many roads as possible in Wellington. Their objective seemed to be to block the traffic of the city.

The NZ Herald reported that the convoy caused traffic jams on the Kapiti coast. He said a large group of vehicles pulled up on the streets outside Parliament at 11 a.m.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern Ardern told RNZ morning report she would not meet the protesters. She said the lockdowns meant people were sacrificing some of their usual rights and abilities to keep others safe.

The protest came at a time when the government was changing its way of doing things due to additional protective vaccines being provided, she said.

National Party leader Christopher Luxon also said he would not meet with protesters.

Ottawa paralyzed for 11 days by truckers’ protest.


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