Video: Illuminating the Night Ride in ‘Light Player’


“A one-night wandering in the city, letting his mind wander towards his most unexpected dreams. In the dark, the imagination is regenerated in a glimmer of hope”.

Originality, the key word for this new project.

Our brain and our imagination can sometimes lead our thoughts in rather surprising ways, which we could not expect.
To put our most eccentric ideas into images, we wanted to look for something more artistic, out of the ordinary, and to encourage the viewer to reflect.

It was our guiding principle.

Most of the filming was done at night, so I can tell you how far we were from our comfort zone and our habits.

Positive point: no time pressure for the golden hour, we created light! As for sleep, we were clearly in deficit!

Several times, we stayed there until 6 a.m., to finally only have a few seconds of images… But that’s where we find the satisfaction of having the finish, the atmosphere, the action for which we worked.

It’s always good to go beyond what we are used to doing, by learning, by testing, and always giving the maximum to get the finish we expected… Even if our temperaments, with Pierre , make it difficult for us to be 100% satisfied with the result, we are still very proud of this project.

Between cities, mountains, volcanoes, forests… A beautiful cruise punctuated by multiple adventures that you can discover in the next making of!

We sincerely hope you enjoy this new project. I recommend that you watch it several times to better understand certain sequences…


Play with the elements.

The regeneration of nature.

Two sporting events.

Natural rebirth.

When the imaginary mixes with reality.

The beast LAPIERRE!

– DT Swiss wheels;
– Hutchinson tires;
– Camelbak bottle;
– Slicy fenders;
– Inverted component material.

Copyright: Pierre Cloquemin (


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