Vehicles and visitors fill downtown Cape Girardeau for the auto show


CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. (KFVS) – There were some pretty impressive vehicles that arrived in downtown Cape Girardeau this weekend.

The vehicles took center stage attracting visitors from across the region to visit the 44th Manifolds on Main Street Car Show on Sunday.

There were over 250 vehicles ranging from the early 1900s to the present day.

People we spoke to said it was nice to be able to see all the different types of vehicles that were brought in for the show.

“Everyone likes to point out what they love,” Nathan Mecum said. ” Everyone has their taste. There are some old classics and we have some of the new stuff here, so everyone’s just intriguing what everyone else has.

Mecum displayed his Nissan 370Z at the show and brought many people to admire it.

“I’ve been into Nissan cars and their engines and so on,” Mecum said. “They are just great vehicles to have. They handle very well and quite well, just a very nice car.

We caught up with Jerry Welch checking out all the vehicles with his granddaughter.

“She’s a car enthusiast. She loves old cars,” Welch said. “She’s been able to spot and identify the different models since she was about 3 years old. It’s just a great day for her to come out, look at them and look back at all the cars we’ve owned before.

Brandi Beach brought her Chevy pickup from Herrin, IL for this show. She said she saw a wide range of age people coming to the car show.

“It’s great fun to see what people like and what their interest is in different types of vehicles,” Beach said. “Some young people like foreign cars and new hot rods and stuff like that. Then the older ones are in trucks like ours.

Trophies were awarded in over 30 classes, with classes available for most vehicles from 1900 to 2022.

The event was organized by the River City Rodders Car Club and Old Town Cape.

“It’s a great event,” Welch said. “It really is. It’s been going on for years and a good crowd, great cars here and meet a lot of people that you only see once a year here.


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