Ukrainian War 2022: Russian missiles hit Vasylkiv


The strikes pissed off everyone in the city. There was a loud rumble inside the kitchen where Balasynovych sat for an interview on Monday, flanked by her staff and a team of heavily armed guards. She froze, her breathing stopped, her eyes widened and her back straightened like a board.

” Is it that… ? she asked quietly, fearing it was another missile attack.

The noise was just the sound of the industrial dishwasher.

Just as the interview was coming to an end, Melnyk received a call about a group of Russian saboteurs that local volunteers had allegedly caught and killed at a checkpoint. Balasynovych donned a bulletproof vest for what she said was the first time in her life and walked to the site, inviting BuzzFeed News to her side. “I want to look him in the eye and talk to him,” she said.

Along the way, however, she received a call from the National Guard prohibiting a visit to the site.

Balasynovych said the war changed his city. “When people always wished each other peace and health, we didn’t know what that meant,” she said. “Now we know.”

Hours after BuzzFeed News left Vasylkiv, loud explosions were heard emanating from the area. Surface-to-air missiles were seen firing into the sky above the city, a sign that peace was still a long way off. Balasynovych adviser Olha Klochko said the Russians are back.

“Right now we are being bombarded with rockets,” she said.


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