The SpecTruth metaverse will be a 3D world where people can work, play, socialize, hang out, and learn.


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STRUE in conjunction with SpecTruth will create an incredible metaverse experience that can be explored using in-line, AR, and VR headsets. Ideal for Web 3

Do good by doing good “

– Mikail Aslan

KIEV, KIEV OBLAST, UKRAINE, Jan 2, 2022 / – Metaverse is being touted everywhere as the next iteration of the internet, but what is it? It is a concept of a continuous 3D universe, online, which combines several different virtual spaces. It will allow users to work, meet, play and socialize together in these 3D spaces.

SpecTruth,, is in the early stages of creating a unique metaverse where its users can work, play, socialize, hang out, learn, receive therapy, and improve in the real world. People will be able to use augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) to better visualize their 3D world.

Augmented Reality (AR) will incorporate real-time interactions of real and virtual worlds into the 3D universe.

People will explore 3D-generated city halls, theaters, libraries, parks, theme parks, classrooms, amphitheatres and concert halls. They will be able to create a customizable virtual friend who will learn using advanced artificial intelligence.

Town halls, parks and theme parks will allow users to meet in a secure virtual public space. People all over the world will be able to communicate with each other using a machine translation feature where they will hear and read everything in their own native language, no matter where other users are from. For example, a person in Germany will hear German speaking virtually to a person in Russia, and the person in Russia will hear Russian.

More private areas will include libraries, classrooms, amphitheatres and concert halls.

Classrooms will offer free self-examination tests for personality, behavior, intelligence and general knowledge.

The library will have a large and growing catalog of virtual videos that will include life skills education, vocational training, scientifically proven therapeutic methods, game theory, NFT creation, coding and more. other subjects.

The theaters and the concert hall will offer 3D performances from all over the world.

Members will be able to generate income with STRUE by owning 3D virtual kiosks where members can showcase their products and skills for trade. STRUE is the native token of SpecTruth and will be used to purchase premium goods or services.

In addition to virtual kiosks, STRUE tokens will be used to unlock a wide variety of premium content and services.

Members will be able to create a dating profile and participate in virtual 3D dates.

Members will be able to create NFTs, display them in a virtual art museum, or sell them in their own 3D virtual kiosk.

STRUE will upgrade its AI-generated friend, used to purchase virtual venues, purchase premium concert and conference tickets, donate to charity, sponsor other members, and generate income at from parachute drops.

The developers of SpecTrue (STRUE) with SpecTruth understand the current desire of investors to profit from coins like DOGECOIN (DOGE) and SHIBI INU. (SHIB) Unfortunately, the current coin library is difficult to recommend for financial planners because they lack utility and social benefits. However, we believe that we can offer even coins to make investors proud to invest.

Historically, even coin developers have made their profit by reserving a large portion of their meme offering in the Genesis block. However, we intend to devote much of the genesis block to charitable causes while providing the potential for returns to investors like other coins.

As a reward for the possession of STRUE, air drops of even non-useful parts will be awarded. Each STRUE token held will automatically generate FIVE (5) tokens of each new even coin generated by SpecTruth. For example, a holder of 1,000,000 STRUE will automatically receive 5,000,000 of each new meme token generated by SpecTruth. Holders of these socially responsible coins will be able to add the badge of the same to their social networks, showing their solidarity and support. Our goal is for our tokens to have the same initial appeal and desire as the “wwjd” and Lance Armstrong bracelets held, except that our holders will benefit.

The deployment of each new meme will be similar to that of SHIBU INU, except for the initial distribution of tokens as per the white papers.

Our goal is to have a constant flow of new tokens minted every 3-4 weeks as marketing promotions and income generation for our STRUE holders.

Holders of our new employee benefit meme tokens will be proud to display their owned meme tokens on social media. (Similar to “WWJD” or the Lance Armstrong bands people would wear.) Downloadable badges will be available for people to share on their social media platforms, supporting the cause and hopefully benefiting. of the increase in the price of crypto due to demand.

Planned airdrops will begin and increase as demands increase:

Token symbol: #AMZN
Token name: Amazon Preserve
Objective of the token: Purchase up to 1 million acres of Amazon rainforest for preservation.

Token symbol: #BLWVS
Token Name: Blue Waves
Objective of the token: to finance ocean cleaning projects.

Token symbol: #BCATS
Token name: Big Cats
Token Purpose: Big Cats will assist existing Big Cat Sanctuaries and establish a new state-of-the-art Big Cat Sanctuary in Eastern Europe to assist with the restocking of wild big cats.

Token symbol: #MERIT
Token Name: Merit Scholarships
Purpose of the token: scholarships based on merit alone with no gender, race or religion as factors.

Token symbol: #FREED
Token name: freedom for all
Purpose of the token: Fund non-profit goals ending modern slavery. At present, 38 million people are estimated to be slaves.

Token symbol: #FREES
Token name: Freedom of expression
Purpose of the token: To create and fund non-partisan news sources without commentary.

Token symbol: #FWATER
Token name: fresh water
Objective of the token: to finance projects that provide drinking water.

Token symbol: #SHRMZ
Token name: Mushrooms
Objective of the token: to finance projects that replace polystyrene foam with mycelium

Token symbol: #TREES
Token Name: Million Trees
Objective of the token: to finance the planting of a million exotic trees.

Token symbol: #WVET
Token Name: Warriors and Veterans
Objective of the token: To educate veterans to create living wages using the metaverse.

These socially responsible meme tokens are unique to SpecTruth as charities will receive their donations when minted and the value of the donation will be determined by investor demand.

It is the purpose of SpecTruth that STRUE owners do well by doing good.

SpecTruth is funding this metaverse project through a presale of STRUE tokens and the creation of socially responsible meme tokens.

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