The SpaceNomad Camper offers total freedom and stress-free to families

The ongoing international health crisis, with its many travel restrictions, conditions and repeated blockages, has forced the same creatures of habit to consider other ways to experience the great outdoors. Suddenly, vanlife no longer seemed tailor-made for tough adventurers and hippie influencers, but accessible even to 9 to 5 year olds who never dreamed of a vacation before, let alone working in a van.

Auto manufacturers and conversion companies have paid attention to this, and you can see it by the increased number of options available for vehicles of all sizes, for all budgets and road conditions. Renault, for its part, carried out a study on vans in Switzerland and, at the end of it, decided to offer an (almost) complete solution, without stress and comfortable for families and what they want. call “Lovers of freedom”.

Renault calls it SpaceNomad, and it arrives in several European markets as of next year (Germany, Austria, Belgium, Denmark and France). Based on the new generation of the Trafic van and with a conversion by Pilot, the SpaceNomad motorhome is perfect for a small family: think of two adults and one or two small children. In addition to the toilet, this is a complete, hassle-free and stress-free solution that lets you enjoy life on the road with the bare essentials, whether on vacation or even trying out the nomadic lifestyle. digital.

The SpaceNomad is a classic pop-top motorhome with a built-in kitchen and lots of versatility. The French automaker describes it as a versatile and easily adaptable vehicle with which you never have to worry about parking space, whether in town or out.

Because Renault envisions it as the perfect vehicle for anyone walking away from home after prolonged shutdowns, it offers it in two sizes, a few different configurations and several power options. Specifically, it is available in lengths of 5,080mm (200 “) and 5,480mm (215.7”), four- and five-seat configurations, manual and automatic transmission, and engine horsepower ranging from 110 to 170. ch.

Pop-up roof tent can accommodate a 120 x 200 cm (47.2 x 79 inch) bed, with a similar sized bed in the cabin, after converting the back seat. Adjacent is a full-size kitchen with a large two-burner range, sink with built-in faucet, and a 47 liter (12.4 gallon) refrigerator. You also get storage space and a small retractable table for your laptop, should you want to become a complete digital nomad. A freestanding table is included, and you can use it indoors and transform the dining space by swiveling the front seats or out for a fresco dining area under the generous side awning.

As noted above, the SpaceNomad is an almost complete solution, with an emphasis on “almost.” Renault does not equip it with a toilet, but it does include an outdoor shower. The cabin is also insulated, lit and heated, so that it is perfect for protecting against the elements and partly reproducing this feeling of comfort. You also get an awning for more privacy and more storage space in the redesigned dashboard and in the trunk.

The Traffic SpaceNomad is delivered with driving aids for “More peace of mind”, such as lane departure warning, emergency braking, driver monitoring system and blind spot warning. Features include an 8-inch touchscreen, induction charger, Renault Easy Link multimedia system with navigation, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

Renault is set to present the SpaceNomad, along with the futuristic and cool Hippie Caviar Hotel campervan that we discussed at length a few days ago, at the 2021 Düsseldorf caravan show on August 27. Unlike the Hippie Caviar Hotel, the SpaceNomad is real and will begin deliveries in early 2022, but Renault isn’t offering any price clues.

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