Stray Breaks Annapurna Interactive Steam Record


Wander was one of the most anticipated indie games of the year, and its release was a resounding success as BlueTwelve Studios’ debut title. Not only a success on PlayStation but also a triumph on PC, Wander broke publisher Annapurna Interactive’s record for concurrent players on Steam by a wide margin.

Since its reveal in 2020, the buzz surrounding Wander only got bigger as the game’s launch approached. The PlayStation and PC exclusive turned heads in its debut thanks to its unique concept and striking aesthetic that seemed to match what gamers have come to expect. a game published by Annapurna Interactive. Looking ahead to yesterday’s launch, Wander topped Steam’s most wanted games list and even received a line of cat accessories themed around the game’s neon-soaked world. BlueTwelve is everything the fans wanted. The game received accolades and achieved remarkable sales figures.


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Often used as a benchmark for PC game success, Steam’s Top 100 Most Played Games list is mostly dominated by long-running free-to-play titles such as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive or sales behemoths like Auto grand theft 5. Coming out yesterday, Wander managed to climb all the way up to #13 on Steam’s Top 100 list, peaking at 62,963 concurrent players. The game even managed to exceed Elden RingThe number of top players almost doubles. Otherwise, Wander comfortably surpassed the publisher’s previous player count peak of 8,021, attributed to Twelve Minutesmaking BlueTwelve Studios’ first game the most successful PC launch for Annapurna so far.

Not only a commercial success but also a critical one, Wander was widely well received by fans and critics. Currently, the game holds an “overwhelmingly positive” user review score on Steam, with a 97% player approval rating. Meanwhile, critics of Wander shower the indie game with praise for its intuitive puzzle and the authenticity of its feline main character. By several accounts, WanderThe success of was considered well deserved.

In recent years, Annapurna Interactive has released a series of high-quality independent titles from many smaller studios. In June, Annapurna published neon white, a surprise hit among the speedrunning and platforming crowd, even getting a few nods as a potential Game of the Year contender. The publisher is preparing to follow up on the success of Wander and neon white with a showcase on July 28, promising reveals, announcements and more.

Wander is available now for PC, PS4 and PS5.

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