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Every day of the 2022 baseball season, I’ll be watching today’s and tomorrow’s scheduled starting pitchers and ranking their games for your fantasy baseball streams.

There’s a lot in there and you can hang out with me on to talk about specific ranks because I do them every weekday morning from 10am-12pm ET. If you have any questions about these ranks, please ask them during the morning Twitch AMA. These are my office hours as I generally do not respond to comments on the site.

There are four levels in these rankings with 12 teams in the lead:

Automatic start – Just do it. Don’t think too much about it, the man begins.

Probably start – I will probably start these weapons, although I recognize that there is more risk than we would like. Either it’s a tough game for a good pitcher or a weak lineup for a volatile arm.

Doubtful start – There are situations where I would take the risk, either with a strong enough advantage on the ability side, or a bad offense that a caster could take advantage of.

Do not start – The reward is not worth the risk. Don’t.

Obviously there will be circumstances where pitchers would need to move between teams for your specific situation and these new levels should act as a little more help than last year’s straight table.

Please keep in mind that streaming is far from a perfect game. In fact, if they work more than half the time, I would consider that a success. These rankings and streamer picks are going to be vastly different from the actual results throughout the year, so please have some sympathy ahead of the scathing comments and tweets. I’m only trying to help!

Be sure to read the notes if you’re wondering why I favor some pitchers over others – I won’t go to everyone and hopefully answer any questions you have.

There is a second table for tomorrow start pitcher clashes as well, helping everyone get a jump on their nighttime pick-ups. Please note that these matches are subject to change, however, and there will be be times when I have the wrong pitcher. Thank you for your future understanding.

Finally, there are my streaming picks of the day, and please keep in mind that I have to choose a streamer every day. Those highlighted in Green are second level and I would ride with them anywhere. The most common are those of Yellow in the third tier and should be decent if you are looking for Something on a given day. Finally, these are Red are the ones I really don’t want to start (they’re labeled as “Don’t Start”, after all) but have no other choice. Don’t stream these guys until you’re really desperate. A streaming pick is defined as “registered in 20% or fewer leagues”, which really highlights the fact that I would be happy if more than 50% of them worked. I could do the whole sub 30/40% list, but that’s no fun. You can use the leaderboards to figure out who those picks would be instead.

(Opening) – Indicates that a pitcher is open for that day and the indicated pitcher will follow the opener.

While I’m doing my grading, I thought it would be helpful to present a chart of how we categorize offenses:

Nick’s Loose Team Offense Rankings (Updated 9/3)

I’m sure that will change over the course of the year + there are differences between teams versus LHP or RHP, but it’s a great overall picture that you should all keep in mind.

Alright, let’s go.

Broadcast record in 2022: 80-61

Ranking of today’s starting pitchers

  • A smaller auto-start level for Saturday as it is clear aces + Adam Wainwright as he takes on the Cubs. I don’t expect any problems here.
  • OK, perhaps with Burnes being the No. 2 game. The Sneks just messed up Brandon Woodruff and Burnes has struggled in his last three. Don’t worry, things are still great, he’s dope and that should work very well in your favor. Start man without fear.
  • In the second tier, you have three names that could all be on your feed and provide dividends in fantasy matches. Nick Lodolo clashes against Rocky Mountain Road and could rack up strikeouts, Ross Striplin gets to deal with the Pirates on a winning ball club, and our streaming pick of the day Jake Odorizzi has the chance to carve out the Marlins. Go on! Go on! Go on.
  • The last three of the level are set back from the others, but are still considerable options. Austin Voth has been on a roll and should be considered against Athletics if you miss Odorizzi. Noah Syndergaard is a Toby against a mediocre crew of the Giants, while by Edward Cabrera ceiling is enticing, even against Atlanta.
  • On the third level… we have a lot to cover. Tyler Mahle comes back from IL in this Still sick, although he could make five production pictures against an injured Chicago team.
  • Luis Garcia hasn’t been keen in the past month, but the angels have few threats to punish bad deals.
  • Corey Kluber gets his old Yankees team and was able to fend them off this season.
  • It’s a tough call Drew Smyly as he was at the top of his game with increased speed and excellent command, but the Cardinals were as hot as anyone. Your call there.
  • An interesting piece is Clarke Schmidt against the offense Rays pedestrians. After making his first start, Schmidt could soar with his circuit breakers and hand the fantasy managers a cheap win. Something to consider for the weekend.
  • The bottom half of the level isn’t as exciting. Aaron Civale is a Okay play against the Mariners, but it can go either way. Jacob Junis has his good slider, but he could disappear against the Phils.
  • There is also Roansy Contreras with its nasty slider, though the Jays are a dangerous team, making it a high-risk scenario. Jonathan Heasley is the opposite – not a lot of ceiling, but these are the Tigers. Both could pass…or make you regret everything.
  • And finally, I don’t trust Adam Oller despite eight quality frames against the Yankees last time out, as Brayan Bello stumbled against the Twins on his last start but was able to express his ceiling against Rangers.
  • On the lower level, I don’t want to touch Sean Manee after failing against weak teams and now against the Dodgers. It sounds as unpleasant as anything.
  • Some may want Michael Pineda Where German Marquez on their lists and I have no interest. Pineda will be limited + Márquez is…Márquez. Avoid all of this.
  • Updates: We have three changes today. Aaron Civale hitting the IL, forcing the Guardians to call Xzavion Curry, who could get off to a decent start against the Mariners (don’t chase him if you don’t need to). The Blue Jays choose to go to the bullpen, starting with Trevor Richard today, what pushes Ross Striplin at Sunday.
  • There is also the sad news of Jake Odorizzi dealing with arm fatigue and missing a goldmine of a start against the Marlins today. It means Austin Voth is today’s streaming pick now, while Bryce Elder gets the green light instead. He’s actually a decent game if you can still catch him as he beat the Marlins a few weekends ago.

Ranking of today’s starting pitchers

Ranking of tomorrow’s starting pitchers

  • Few locked options are coming Sunday, with Max fried taking first place against the Marlins and finishing with Miles Mikolas facing the lowly Cubs. Pretty simple stuff here.
  • Yes, George Kirby merit against the Guardians. He’s been fantastic with his four seams, and Guardians aren’t the scariest foes.
  • The second level begins with Pablo Lopez get a tough draw against Atlanta. I think he is ready to face them with his change and his four seams, although there is more risk here than those of the higher level.
  • Ross Striplin has been pushed back to Sunday and is ready to enjoy a fantastic game against the Pirates.
  • The separator came back for Frankie Montas, but he has yet to get into a real groove with his full repertoire as a Yankee. There is a little more hesitation here than I would like.
  • Carlos Carrasco returns from his oblique injury to face the Nationals. Is loose Still sick given the short stint and I think you’re safe to throw it against Natty Lite.
  • It was not easy for Jose Urquidy lately, but the angels aren’t dangerous enough to hold him back.
  • Our streaming pick of the day is Spenser Watkins against Athletics. Watkins was not brilliant, but good enough to produce against a mediocre offense. And hey, Orioles Magic n all.
  • The third tier is long with many mediocre encounters normally going to tier 2 weapons (Lucas Giolito, Marcus Stroman, Mike Clevinger, Cal Quantrill…?) and inexperienced pitchers getting pedestrian queues.
  • Speaking of which, I’m not sure we can accept Ranger Suarez. He hasn’t had his command immaculate and has failed to capitalize on his excellent schedule so far.
  • We wanted by Matt Manning slider to flirt with 61% CSW again, but the Mariners had different plans. The Royals are easier, but good luck guessing which Manning we’ll see. I am careful here.
  • If there is an opening for Ryan Yabrough against the Yankees, consider that for a cheap win. This offense is in trouble again.
  • There are fun options in Adrian Martinez and Max Castillo against the Orioles and Tigers, but these are last-ditch pursuits above other options. It’s not a good day for streaming.
  • I know Jason Alexander made five good last time out but only threw 59 pitches and is unlikely to make it again in his limited time on the hill.
  • I wouldn’t hunt Mike Clevinger, Dylan Bundy, Where J.T. Brubaker on Sunday. Clev doesn’t have his breakers, Bundy is…Bundy, and Brubaker has a tough challenge against Toronto. There’s a slim chance for each of them, and I’d hate to have my week all about them.
  • The lower level is, again, disengage avoid. please don’t chase Kutter Crawford Where Eric Fedde.

Ranking of tomorrow’s starting pitchers

Featured image by Drew Wheeler (@drewisokay on Twitter)


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