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Every day of the 2022 baseball season, I’ll be watching the list of today’s and tomorrow’s scheduled starting pitchers and ranking their games for your fantasy baseball streams.

There’s a lot in there and you can hang out with me on to talk about specific ranks because I do them every weekday morning from 9-11am ET. If you have any questions about these ranks, please ask them during the morning Twitch AMA. These are my office hours as I generally do not respond to comments on the site.

There are four levels in these rankings with 12 teams in the lead:

Automatic start – Just do it. Don’t think too much about it, the man begins.

Probably start – I will probably start these weapons, although I recognize that there is more risk than we would like. Either it’s a tough game for a good pitcher or a weak lineup for a volatile arm.

Doubtful start – There are situations where I would take the risk, either with a strong enough advantage on the ability side, or a bad offense that a caster could take advantage of.

Do not start – The reward is not worth the risk. Don’t.

Obviously there will be circumstances where pitchers would have to move between teams for your specific situation and these new levels should act as a little more help than last year’s straight table.

Please keep in mind that streaming is far from a perfect game. In fact, if they work more than half the time, I would consider that a success. These rankings and streamer picks are going to be very different from the actual results throughout the year, so please have some sympathy ahead of the scathing comments and tweets. I’m only trying to help!

Be sure to read the notes if you wonder why I favor some pitchers over others – I won’t go to everyone and hopefully answer any questions you have.

There is a second table for tomorrow start pitcher clashes as well, helping everyone get a jump on their nighttime pick-ups. Please note that these matches are subject to change, however, and there will be be times when I have the wrong pitcher. Thank you for your future understanding.

Finally, there are my streaming picks of the day, and please keep in mind that I have to choose a streamer every day. Those highlighted in Green are second level and I would ride with them anywhere. The most common are those of Yellow in the third tier and should be decent if you are looking for Something on a given day. Finally, these are Red are the ones I really don’t want to start (they’re labeled as “Don’t Start”, after all) but have no other choice. Don’t stream these guys until you’re really desperate. A streaming pick is defined as “registered in 20% or fewer leagues”, which really highlights the fact that I would be happy if more than 50% of them worked. I could do the whole sub 30/40% list, but that’s no fun. You can use the leaderboards to figure out who those picks would be instead.

(Opening) – Indicates that a pitcher is open for that day and the indicated pitcher will follow the opener.

While I’m doing my ranking, I thought it would be helpful to present a chart of how we rank offences. Dave Swan makes a unbelievable job of showcasing future SP matchups every 2-3 weeks in this article, and I’ve chosen to use his offensive ranks to share with you all here:

Nick’s Loose Team Offense Rankings (Updated 7/13)

I’m sure that will change over the course of the year + there are differences between teams versus LHP or RHP, but it’s a great overall picture that you should all keep in mind.

Alright, let’s go.

Broadcast record in 2022: 56-45

Ranking of today’s starting pitchers

  • The second level is also inflated with Nestor Cortes, Miles Mikolas, and Sonny Gray at the top. All have favorable matchups, even though Mikolas limited his ground ball rate to just 45% in a high RH park.
  • The last trio of the level is a set of Toby types – Martin Perez, Carlos Carrasco, and Merrill Kelly. I still prefer Carrasco over Kelly, but if you need better ERA instead of more strikeouts, Kelly is probably the better game.
  • On the third floor, Ian Anderson has been volatile but has the advantage of facing angels which makes me place it above the likes of Paul Blackburn and Zack Greenke. Update: The Royals look to go with it Kris Bubic In place. It has some intrigue with 92mph radiators, but I wouldn’t risk that.
  • Tyler Mahle comes out of IL and pitches at home after not starting a game since July 2 (he hasn’t had a rehab start). I’d be cautious here as I don’t expect many innings and he pitches at home, although I see some managers chasing strikeouts on a desperate Sunday.
  • Even though he has done well against tough teams recently and is exploiting some positive change, I still have my concerns with Ross Striplin against the Red Sox. Be careful.
  • At the lower level, Reid Detmer has to be my streaming pick of the day. He outlasted the Astros last time out and has improved his slider since returning from the miners. It’s not enough where I want it to be and I’d rather not throw him against Atlanta as a southpaw, but I still like his chances more than the others below.
  • Mitch Keller was the other consideration – I know, it’s tough here – because he just performed well at Coors. Somehow. I will believe in the growth of Detmers over the… magic of Keller.
  • We’ve spilled a lot of ink Alex Cobb this year and while he got off to a great start against Arizona, the Dodgers are very different and likely to make another tough day at the park for Cobb.
  • The start days Nick Pivette are over, especially against the powerful Jays offense. Give him a rest.

Ranking of today’s starting pitchers

Ranking of tomorrow’s starting pitchers

  • After the abundant number of high-level options over the weekend, there are only two left on Monday with Max fried and Tony Gonsolin seated at the top of the rows. You don’t need me to tell you to start them, when I have Fried above Tony for his record…even though Gonsolin has the best ERA.
  • The second level is also quite simple, starting with Sean Manee against the Tigers. Of course, Detroit is better against right-handers, but Manaea should still have his way if one of his secondaries shows up or gets above 92 mph on his radiator.
  • The remaining trio on level two is your Toby types against average offences. I favor Merrill Kelly above Noah Syndergaard because Kelly is a bit more stable from start to finish, but there’s not much difference for me.
  • Corey Kluber lands above the two as it has been surprisingly stable over the past two months. The magic of the Orioles could hamper a strong performance from Kluber, even if you’re going to take this chance.
  • On the third floor, Jake Odorizzi leads as he was gifted a third consecutive start against Athletics. I like Aaron Ashby and Nick Lodolo, but Odorizzi is a safer game here.
  • Speaking of Aaron Ashby, he’s my streaming pick of the day as he faces Rocky Mountain Road. His time as a starter wasn’t as smooth as we would have liked, but against a weak opponent and he stretched to take full advantage of it (ignore the Sunday ‘start’ – it was a practice session). enclosure that was in play).
  • I thought about the niche Nick Lodolo ahead of Ashby, but I think there’s a bit more risk in a tougher game. Both arms could very well burst in this second half, however, and with their composition rates below 20%, it might be time to get going.
  • At the end of the level is Zack Greinke, which could be very good against angels. The limited cap has it below Lodolo and Ashby, but you need volume, Greinke is your man.
  • I struggled with the top of the last level like Keegan Thompson and J.T. Brubaker could arguably be in the Questionable Start group as they face off. Ultimately, I think you’re both too volatile without a high enough cap to be prosecuted, even if they each face a paltry offense.
  • Sure, Trevor Rogers could step forward in this one, but why put yourself in danger?
  • With Anthony DeSclafani for the year, we may see Jacob Junis get back into the rotation and a start against the Diamondbacks could get us excited again. I want to see him lock into his groove first before trusting him, though.
  • I’m completely done starting Nick Pivette at this point, and the same goes for Chris Flexon against improving Rangers attack.
  • There is a chance Josiah Gray is capable of getting plenty of strikeouts and dodging the longball against the Dodgers, but it’s way too dangerous to kick off your week.
  • And while I dig by Zach Plesac slider and change, I don’t believe a start against the Red Sox is worth it.

Ranking of tomorrow’s starting pitchers

Featured image by Drew Wheeler (@drewisokay on Twitter)


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