SiriusXM’s ‘Automotive Trends’ Interview with Big-Hearted Brother Whose Winning Odds Led to Car Donation Movement


Eliot Middleton (right) and his sister (1) donate one of the vehicles he repaired. (Photo credit: EM)

*Eliot middleton, originally from South Carolina, has a heart of gold. As we enter the giving season, Middleton is the perfect person to get you in the holiday mood. The heartwarming story of this young and humble brother embodies all the Christlike qualities one can think of in this season, where the emphasis is more on materialism than on the propagation of “true love”.

During a wide-ranging discussion, “Auto Trends” chats with the restaurant owner, as he shares everything from what sparked his interest in the automobile to how his winning streaks led him to the road. road, no pun intended, to repairing and donating old cars. As the old saying goes, “one man’s garbage is another’s treasure.”

To learn more about Middleton’s kindness movement and how you can provide vehicles for those without access to transportation, Click here.

This automotive special will air from Saturday, December 18 to Thursday, January 6. To tune in to SiriusXM or one of the FM radio stations broadcasting the program, Click here.

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