Show us the best secret car compartments of all time


There are many good reasons for wanting a super secret storage space in your vehicle. Whether it’s keeping important items out of reach of people who might break into the vehicle, or just knowing you always have an extra place to store seldom-used items, secret compartments are far more popular than you think so. With that in mind, we wonder which of these compartments is the most impressive or the most useful.

We’re not just talking about slightly unusual storage areas. For example, some cars have raised floors in the center console. Others, like the MINI Cooper Countryman, have panels on the rear that look like vents, but these can also be used for discreet storage. No, we want downright weird stuff.

Perhaps one of the best-known but relatively “secret” compartments ever found on a modern automobile is found in each door of the Porsche Carrera GT. There you’ll find small doors that open to reveal a rather deep cavern where Porsche wanted its owners to keep whatever they wished.

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There are a number of Cadillac models that have a very unique and sneaky storage space behind their center console climate controls. Instead of a fixed panel, it actually flips up to reveal a storage area as well as a USB charging port in case you need to keep something powered up inside the storage hole.

Then there’s the Honda S2000 with its extra storage space between the occupants’ heads. While most people know that the small sporty Honda has a storage space between the seats, very few realize that just above there is another space which can only be accessed once the first door has been opened. . Then not only does it move the rear window out of the way, but it provides access to a pair of storage spaces.

Still, we have a feeling you might have a number of great hidden compartments that we don’t even know about. Let us know in the comments below!


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