Set of electrified crawler machines for Tokyo Motor Show 2022


Subaru will use the 2022 Tokyo Auto Show next month to present the STI E-RA concept.

Subaru describes the concept as a study for carbon neutral motorsport vehicles, suggesting that it will feature an electric powertrain.

The “E” in the name also indicates an electric powertrain, while we know the “RA” is Subaru’s designation for track-oriented vehicles. It stands for “Record Attempt” and has been applied to various Subaru performance models, with the 2018 Subaru WRX STI Type RA being the most recent recipient.

A teaser photo shows the face of the STI E-RA and indicates that the concept is a dedicated STI design. You will notice that there is no Subaru badge to be seen.

Subaru is probably gearing up for a future where electric vehicles are the norm, including in motorsport. So the STI E-RA could be more than just a preview of the brand’s vision for the future of motorsport, as it could also serve as a test bed for future performance EV technology.

For Subaru fans who still have gasoline in their veins, Subaru will also use the Tokyo Auto Salon to unveil the Levorg STI and WRX S4 STI concepts. The concepts will feature various STI performance parts developed for the latest Levorgs and WRXs. They will also likely preview special editions related to production for the domestic Subaru market.

We’ll have more details soon, as the annual Japanese Tuner Festival runs from January 14-16. For more coverage, visit our dedicated hub.


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