Ride of the week 08/30/2021: 1964 Impala by Matt Foreman | Auto showroom



Tributes to iconic cinema / TV cars abound in the automotive world. There are dozens of General Lee, KITT, and DeLorean Time Machines on the auto show circuit. I’ve even seen a few ECTO-1s, A-Team Vans, and occasionally the Fast & Furious clone. But a car that I’ve never seen before is our #weeklywalking this week: The Love Machine.

I had seen Cheech & Chong’s 1978 movie “Up In Smoke” a few times, but the car never really recorded with me until last week. While scrolling through Instagram, I saw one of the R / C enthusiasts that I’m posting a 1 / 10th scale replica of the car based on a Redcat Racing Lowrider Impala. So when this car arrived at Williamsport Cars & Coffee, the benchmark was fresh in my mind.

The owner is Matt Foreman from Montgomery, PA and he is an avid lowrider. When he first bought the Impala in primer gray he was going to restore it and make it a nice show car, but then he thought of the movie and the challenge of trying to replicate the Love Machine. This was difficult as most of the shots of the car in the movie are either from the driver’s side or from the front as Cheech Marin and Tommy Chong are seen in the front seat. However, there are a few other Love Machine replicas out there, so the internet has been helpful in its quest.

Matt was careful to replicate even the smallest details like the speaker horns in the grill, cutting out the “Chevrolet” badge and putting fingerprints in the puddy on the hood. “The hardest part to get was the hood ornament,” Matt says, “but everything else was pretty easy because it didn’t have to be in perfect shape.”

Matt says the interior is a work in progress, “I have 3 shag colors on order. So it will look exactly like it was in the movie.

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