Norwegian Cruise Line will depart Galveston, Texas in 2023!


This is huge news for Texans! And congratulations to our fellow Texans from Galveston who will bring the world’s third largest cruise line to our port of Texas in 2023!

AND this will be the first time Norwegian Cruise Line will begin regular cruises from Galveston.

Even better? You will sail on the magnificent new Norwegian Prima, which they describe as one of their “newest and most innovative ships!”

And you might be wondering if we will sail to Norway? Actually no, this one is all about the caribbean. The first stop is in Costa maya where you will have the chance to snorkel and experience the incredible beauty of the second largest reef in the world – the magnificent Mesoamerican Reef!

After that, the journey continues to Harvest bay, their resort style destination where you can relax and bask in the paradisiacal beauty of a seaside villa. For the more adventurous among us, this is an ideal stopover for ziplining on these magnificent waters.

Then the the next stop is in Roatan where you can enjoy the wildlife in one of their nature reserves … and so on.

But in addition to the stopovers, the ship itself offers many fun adventures. Of Go-Karts, amazing mini-golf, fabulous shows and nightlife, water park getaways and even the cutting edge fun of virtual reality experiences, you will never be bored. (Unless you want to, of course.)

Do we even need to mention all the fabulous food? If you’re ready to learn more and start planning your trip, we’ll include a link for you below. But first, let’s take a quick tour of the magnificent Norwegian Prima:

A look inside the stunning Norwegian Prima, ready to leave Galveston TX in 2023!

Cruise the Caribbean and enjoy the go-karts, mini-golf, fabulous shows and nightlife of this innovative ship, water slides and even the cutting edge fun of virtual reality!

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