Neighbors star Colette Mann opens up about horror of Sheila’s car crash


More drama and danger points to the Canning family in Neighbors after Levi (Richie Morris) decided to track down two violent men from his past – and he soon wished he hadn’t when lives are in danger.

This danger does not take long to arise when his fellow police officer, Yashvi Rebecchi (Olivia Junkeer) is followed home and an intruder is chased from number 26 after barging in while Sheila (Colette Mann) was alone at home.

Colette told us here on about the scenario that is expected to take a shocking turn when the two men, Mitch and Nelson, cause a car crash that puts the lives of Sheila, Levi and Yashvi in ​​danger.

“We love these big stunt scenes because that usually means we’re stepping out of the background,” Colette said of the crash which will air on Channel 5 next week. “It’s always great to have a change of scenery and there’s a huge security and stunt crew involved in these scenes, so it’s really quite an event.”

Sheila, of course, played a big part in what happened to Levi at the time by covering the attack in order to help protect Kyle (Chris Milligan) from trouble and Mann says Sheila was “tortured by her actions ”since it happened, adding,“ He has epilepsy because of what happened – it’s hard for him to move on. “

Despite her guilt, Colette believes Sheila is “frustrated with Levi for chasing things and she just wants to make sure he’s safe.” And she has reason to worry because Mitch and Nelson are certainly in trouble. “Sheila doesn’t put anything in front of these guys, she knows it’s bad news!”

As for what’s on the way for Sheila, brace yourself or a Canning Clan expansion because a newbie is on the way! “There’s an extended Canning family member coming over to play, so it’s going to be interesting, and also the dynamic between Kyle and Roxy spills over to Sheila – like she’s not going to interfere on that front!”

And now that some time has passed since her split from Clive Gibbons (Geoff Payne), could we expect a new romance for her? “It’s probably about time Sheila got back on the horse, so to speak. Honestly, as long as there is a lot of humor in a love story, I’m happy.

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