Nationwide Auto Insurance Review for 2022


Nationwide is a popular and reputable auto insurance company.

In the top 10 auto insurers in the United States, Nationwide’s rates tend to be slightly higher than those of its competitors. Additionally, customer satisfaction tends to be below average in some areas like California and the Southeastern United States.

However, the company offers a wide variety of types of auto insurance coverage and many discounts. Nationwide also offers home insurance and other options to bundle your coverage.

If you’re considering nationwide auto insurance, here’s what you need to know.

What Types of Auto Insurance Can You Get Nationwide?

Nationwide promotes itself as a full coverage insurer. With the different coverage options available, you can choose the policies that provide optimal coverage based on your driving habits, risk tolerance and protection preferences.

Nationwide offers a range of common auto insurance coverages, some of which are mandatory and others optional, such as:

In addition to cars, you can insure other types of vehicles, including ATVs, snowmobiles, motorcycles, boats, motor homes and golf carts.

Insurance customers can also add coverages such as:

  • GAP insurance
  • Medical reimbursement
  • Rental car coverage
  • Roadside assistance and towing coverage

What are the advantages of national auto insurance?

Nationwide offers many types of insurance beyond auto coverage, allowing you to bundle auto insurance with other types of insurance for a discount. This is not an option with providers who only focus on auto insurance. Nationwide offers home insurance, pet insurance, life insurance, and other ways to protect your assets.

What discounts can I get with Nationwide?

With Nationwide auto insurance, you also have access to a range of discount programs such as:

  • Elimination of deductibles for safe drivers
  • SmartRide offers discounts based on driving behavior
  • SmartMiles adjusts your rates based on your car trip

Nationwide also offers an Accident Remission Program that helps you avoid a rate increase after an at-fault accident or minor infraction. This is especially useful for families where one person having an accident could affect the rates for the entire household. It could also be useful for teens or new drivers who might benefit from a free pass where insurance rates are not affected by a single crash.

Always remember to contact the company directly with all the issues related to discounts and shop competitors like GEICO, State Farm, USAA and others so you can find the best policy and discounts that suit you and your budget.

National auto insurance costs

According to The Zebra, the average monthly cost is $ 90 for a Nationwide insurance policy. However, you might get a different quote based on your age, gender, and average annual miles. Other factors, including your location, driving record, and credit history, also affect rates. Let’s take a closer look.


Living in a small town with low crime and accident rates will affect your auto insurance rates differently than living in a large city with higher crime and accident rates. Plus, living in a hurricane-prone area has an impact on how insurers quote your insurance.

According to The Zebra, Nationwide is among the three cheapest auto insurers in Ohio and West Virginia.


Does your driving record include a DUI? If so, your auto insurance rates will be higher than those of someone with a clean criminal record.

According to The Zebra, the average insured with Nationwide pays $ 1,347 per year, compared to $ 3,092 for those with DUI. In the same data, Nationwide customers with DUIs pay significantly more than other insurers like Progressive or State Farm.

Car accidents

Collisions or other accidents with your vehicle can impact your auto insurance rate, often for several years. It can take up to five years for your auto insurance to return to normal after an accident. However, the average sentence is three years. The height depends on various factors, including whether or not you caused the accident.

The rate increases depend on your auto insurance company and whether it is your first at-fault accident or not. Nationwide offers accident forgiveness for a driver’s first accident caused by them.

The Zebra has compiled data on the average post-crash rates charged by businesses across the country. Based on this data, you can expect your Nationwide Premium to drop from $ 1,347 per year before any accident to an average of $ 2,174 in the first year. This rate increases to $ 3,000 for the second year and $ 3,827 for the third year.

Credit score

Both good and bad credit can impact your auto insurance premiums. According to The Zebra, poor scores will affect your rates by up to 115% in all but four states. California, Massachusetts, Hawaii, and Michigan have passed laws prohibiting auto insurance companies from considering people’s credit scores for quotes.

How satisfied are insurance customers nationwide?

JD Power’s 2021 US Auto Claims Satisfaction Study ranked the country at 876, slightly below the industry average of 880. The study looked at 7,345 auto insurance customers who pay complaints.

In another study, the 2021 JD Power US Auto Insurance Study of nearly 40,000 customer satisfaction ratings, Nationwide scored below average customer satisfaction in five regions. Six other regions did not include Nationwide in the rankings. The study looked at criteria such as auto insurance claims, policy offerings, the billing process and policy information, customer interactions, and pricing.

Nationwide customer satisfaction is below average in:

  • California
  • Central
  • Mid-Atlantic
  • Center-North
  • South East

Nationwide auto insurance customer satisfaction was not reported for New England, Florida, New York State, Southwest, Texas, Northeast and Northwest.

National Auto Insurance Context

Nationwide is the eighth largest auto insurer, according to S&P Global Market Intelligence, with strong credit ratings and good financial strength. These criteria are important for anyone looking to purchase auto insurance because you want to make sure that the insurance company you choose can pay your claims. For example, if an insurance company gets a bad credit score, an event such as a devastating tornado, hurricane, or the recent California wildfires could destabilize the business. It could mean that you would face delays and reimbursement issues for things like a new car or medical claims after an accident.

Nationwide has received an A + rating from S&P. It is below the leading AA or AAA ratings. However, the company still has a solid capacity to meet its financial commitments. Nationwide has received an A1 rating from Moody’s, according to an August 2021 report.

Nationwide, based in Ohio, is nearly a century old. It’s about the same age as State Farm. Nationwide started out as the Farm Bureau Mutual Automobile Insurance Company, which specifically dealt with insurance for farmers. Farmers had fewer accidents than urban drivers at that time, but they were paying the same rates. Over the years, Nationwide has evolved to support all types of consumers across the country.

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