Mercedes-Benz Vision EQXX boasts 621-mile range and brings competition to Tesla in New York


Mercedes-Benz showed off its popular electric vehicle concept, Vision EQXX, at the New York International Auto Show, and it’s bragging about its new features and capabilities at the showcase. Fresh from Germany, the new Benz EV brings a significant improvement that differentiates it from other vehicles in the many versions of the new clean energy cars.

Mercedes-Benz Vision EQXX at the New York International Auto Show

(Picture: Mercedes-Benz/Daimler Media)
Mercedes Benz VISION EQXX is officially released today, Monday January 3, with 620 miles of range and a range of engineering and design that captures the luxury vehicle.

Reports speak of Mercedes-Benz’s massive showcase at the New York International Auto Show as the company showcased its Vision EQXX and all its concept glories at the event. He showed the features and workmanship of the vehicle which brings the intricate design and sophisticated features of the car for people to see in person.

Mercedes said the Vision EQXX was being tested in Europe, recently completing its 621 miles run on its fully charged batteries which tested the capabilities of the new electric vehicle. The car features a 900-volt battery architecture and many of the company’s lightweight swaps, essentially making it a unique EV in its own right.

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Vision EQXX: is it better than Tesla Roadster and others?

Mercedes-Benz brought various information about the Vision EQXX to the world, and talked about its many features and unique engineering. Some pit it against the Tesla Roadster, the clean energy company’s next sports car, but the Vision EQXX’s four-door design makes it more of a competitor to the Tesla Model S Plaid.

Mercedes-Benz VISION EQXX

(Picture: Mercedes-Benz/Daimler Media)

However, matching the characteristics of the vehicle, Mercedes-Benz’s electric vehicle is already ahead of the game in its range and functionality.

EQXX vision: what do you need to know?

In November 2021, Mercedes-Benz teased a new vehicle coming to its lineup, and it talked about an electric car that would change the name of the game and its manufacturing efforts. The vehicle Mercedes has been talking about is the Vision EQXX, and while it’s a concept vehicle from the company, it’s a good EV that could be coming soon.

The new year marked the official launch and reveal of the Vision EQXX, the flagship electric vehicle concept of the famous German luxury car brand in its range. The car takes on a bold look in its design, and it boasts of a massive range of up to 620 miles on its fully charged batteries, with a lightweight body.

The company has said that this vehicle is one of the best electric vehicles on the market, although the car is a concept that does not yet see a release from the company. Its arrival at the New York International Auto Show only means that the company is preparing the car for its future availability, being its next car that will bring its characteristics to the public.

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