Kingston car show attracts donations for tornado victims


KINGSTON, Okla. (KXII) – Car enthusiasts from all over were in Kingston today to raise money for those affected by the March tornado.

“All American manufacturers, even some that no longer make cars, are represented here today,” said event organizer Pete Bridgman.

From classics to new models, almost every type of car was in Kingston on Saturday.

Some have traveled up to 200 miles to be there.

“You talk to the guys who own these cars, they build them, they love them, they’re part of the family,” Bridgman said.

Harrison Stepp spent 6 years restoring his 1962 Chevy Corvette and the only thing he loves more than driving it is showing it off at car shows.

“All of us old folks like to talk about our cars,” Stepp said. “You can walk around here, all the owners are sitting with their cars and they love to tell you about it. This history that surrounds them and if all these old cars could talk each one of them, it’s like a big history book.

But it was more than just showing classic cars, it was for those affected by the recent tornado.

“We’re here for all of these people who got hurt, that’s why we were here,” Stepp said.

Participants were encouraged to bring donations such as clothing and food…

to fill the truck with storm victims.

“We already have the full truck and are looking for another truck,” Bridgman said just hours after the event began.

Each participant paid a $25 entry fee and over 130 cars showed up.

Most made additional donations on top of that, raising thousands of dollars for those in need.

“It just blew my mind how people come to us,” Bridgman said. “We don’t have to go up to everyone and say give, give people come and say where I put it.”

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