Judge settles case against Equifax, presented by Dr. Michael C. Grayson and the Credit & Debt Management Institute


QUEENS, NY , October 12, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — A malicious reporting and privacy breach case against Equifax is pending, with the trial on track to February 2023. This follows a New York Federal judge’s decision.

The judge settles the case against Equifax, presented by Dr. Michael C. Grayson and Credit & Debt Management Institute – Can continue

In December 2018, Dr. Michael C. Grayson with the assistance of the Credit and Debt Management Institute (CDMI) brought charges of fraud, defamation, credit slander, malicious reporting, intentional infliction of emotional harm, harassment, invasion of privacy, filing false credit reports, among other charges. This civil investigation is supervised by the judge of the Federal Court Diane Gujarati.

Credit and Debt Management Institute Inc is a 501C3 non-profit organization that assists clients with all credit-related issues, including Pro Se disputes. The Institute of Credit and Debt Management holds all three credit industry records, including the highest credit score in the world, a perfect 990. CDMI uses debt screening to help clients eliminate bad debts and restore their credit. Debt screening is the fastest way to legally restore your credit using forgiveness and forgiveness instead of bankruptcy, consumer credit counseling, debt consolidation companies, credit repair or of the payment. The plaintiff argued that the defendant uses an algorithm to target minorities, women, underserved communities and people in financial difficulty in order to destroy their credit and make upward mobility impossible. They further argue that since most doctors and hospitals use credit as a criterion to map treatments, a false credit report could lead to patients being denied life-saving treatment.

The three major credit rating agencies are supposed to simply record consumers’ borrowing and repayment habits. However, this case argues that they are no longer content to simply report their credit. This landmark case seeks to prove that Equifax falsifies credit reports to control which groups have access to capital. The scores they assign are used to assess a person’s creditworthiness. This can affect their ability to rent an apartment, get jobs and promotions, borrow money, get insurance, and lower credit card rates.

In America, 80% of all financial decisions in your life involve your credit, the problem is the lack of transparency in the process. This case threatens to expose this tightly guarded system that controls the economy by regulating sales of new homes and cars.

On October 3, 2022, the Institute of Credit and Debt Management has launched the nation’s first credit bureau hotline for victims of misrepresentation. This first-of-its-kind hotline will help consumers who believe they have been victims of false reports seek justice, assist consumers with cancellation and forgiveness options for bad debts and student loans in lieu of bankruptcy, and will help the uninsured qualify for patient financing.

If consumers would like to learn more about the impact of this case, please call 888-555-5533, email Flerida Santana [email protected] or visit their website CDMIcredit.org.


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