Images leaked from F1 2022 auto show, futuristic front and rear wing


New images of the Formula 1 car for the 2022 season are circulating online. Of course, it’s not the new car from Red Bull Racing or Mercedes yet, but it gives a clear indication of what the car will look like.

It’s unclear exactly where the images are coming from, but on Facebook and Twitter more and more images of the new Formula 1 car for 2022 are appearing from different angles. Of course, the teams have yet to present their cars, but the F1 preview itself is also excellent.

F1 car for 2022

Ross Brawn and his team have a policy in place to put a certain type of car on the grid. With this car it should be easier to overtake, but there should also be a lot more repairs. This way the differences between big and small teams will be much smaller.

Again, these are not official images that Formula 1 has released, but they are shared by multiple sources. What stands out about this model is the simple floor and the futuristic design of the front and rear fenders. The bodywork around the hood also feels much tighter.

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