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They say getting there is half the fun.

JOHNSON CITY, TENNESSEE, UNITED STATES, October 19, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ – They say getting there is half the fun. Haley woods said what if your whole trip was just a trip? On a cruise, you have your vacation straight away. No need to wait until you reach your destination! Girls LOVE Travel reminds us that destination cruises will make stops at hot ports, but some are all self-contained on a large ship with all kinds of entertainment imaginable.

Some people go on cruises on their own. If they are lucky they will meet someone special during the cruise. Some people go there with someone special or just a friend. Some people go there with their family or a group of friends. Either way, you will definitely find a way to have fun!

If you are alone

Alone does not mean alone. You can just relax on the deck with a book while a porter keeps you stocked with cold drinks if that’s what you like. If you have a competitive streak, there are usually afternoon contests. Haley Woods says ask your host about them. Maybe you want anecdotes, or maybe you prefer the louder belly flop contest. If there is a karaoke machine or arcade on board, there may be an official competition to enter. If you’re not very competitive, just being a spectator can be fun. If you’re planning on meeting someone, bars and ballrooms are a good bet, although shuffleboard is also a great opportunity to strike up a conversation.

If you are a couple

Whether you’re a romantic couple or a Platonic, you can do just about anything you would do at home on a cruise. You can go to the dance club, watch a show, fine dining, the pool / hot tub or pamper yourself at the spa. For married couples, there may be special contests to see how well you know each other. Many cruises will have a formal evening in the dining room, where you are expected to wear makeup. It makes for a very glamorous date night, Haley Woods explains.

If you are a group

Whether as a team or as a family, you will find plenty of things to do together. There will be places where not only can you shop, but everything is duty free! Movies shown on cruises tend to be family-friendly, with superhero movies being trendy selections. The team might want to go to the casino, but a family might prefer to have fun in the arcade. Some cruises will not only have a swimming pool but a water park. Some cruises offer special activities for children so that adults can relax.


Keep in mind: “Ask and you will receive! There are people on a cruise whose job is to make sure you have fun. Find out about the amenities and where they are. Haley Woods goes on to say that you might even have a suggestion to try something you’ve never done before!

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