Google makes transferring games to Stadia easier for developers


Google Stadia has a pretty solid library of games at this point. There’s a wide range of AAA and indie titles, many of which are available to Stadia Pro subscribers at no additional cost. More games are added to the store every month.

However, there are many more games available on Steam and consoles. Perhaps with that in mind, Google aims to make it easier for developers to access their games on Stadia.

During the Google for Games Developer Summit, an initiative called Low Change Porting was revealed. The general idea is that bringing games to Stadia will be faster and require less engineering costs.

Program features include improved Unity and Unreal engine support, libraries that can automatically translate DirectX, and cloud-native game testing and quality assurance options.

Google says more than 10 partners are testing Low Change Porting, including Paradox Interactive and Team 17 — both of which are bringing games to Stadia for the first time in the coming weeks — as well as Steel Wool Studios and Saber Interactive. It is planned to open up access to Low Change Porting more widely this year.

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Meanwhile, as part of the summit, Stadia porting lead Marcin Undak is hosting a session that covers how to build a Windows emulator for Linux from scratch. “Marcin provides a technical overview of basic concepts that could allow developers to run unmodified Windows games on Stadia using ‘binary translation,'” according to the session description.

It should be noted that this is not a showcase of any product or feature that Google offers Stadia developers. Rather, the session is all about giving some pointers on how developers can build their own emulator, “without the need for recompilation or any other platform-specific work.” If you are interested, you can watch the session below:

Removing as many barriers as possible and making life easier for developers wanting to bring their games to Stadia is a welcome move. Here’s hoping this leads to many more games in the store in the months and years to come.


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