Franklin Meave Vazquez Reaches Plea Deal for Murder at Sea


A Mexican national who at one time lived in Virginia pleaded guilty last week to various charges related to a brief spate of serious violence aboard a scallop boat in the summer of 2018.

Franklin “Freddy” Meave Vazquez31, was originally charged in November 2018 for the brutal attack that left one of his teammates dead and two others injured two months earlier.

According to a federal criminal complaint obtained by Law&Crime.

The United States Department of Justice, in a press releaselocates the beginning of the nautical attack »[i]inside the chipping house.

“At some point in the afternoon, HR heard screaming from the bridge,” three-page criminal complaint alleged. “He ran into a corner and got three hits to the back of the head. RH fell on the bridge. He saw that he was covered in blood. He looked up and saw Vazquez with a hammer in one hand and a knife in the other hand. Vazquez looked at RH and said, “Stay there.”

After that, the accused went up on deck where he used a long fillet knife to stab a second crew member, later identified as the ship’s beloved 54-year-old deck chief. Javier Sosa. Then, as a third member came out to survey the commotion via the ice wedge, he too was hit in the head by Velazquez with the hammer – whereupon the third victim fell back onto the ladder he had just tried. to climb.

The captain of the boat then intercepted the defendant.

“Mayday, mayday, mayday,” he said, according to a story in The Virginia Pilot. “Can anyone hear me? We’ve got a man gone mad here on the boat, man. A response was finally heard and he said, ‘A man, I don’t know if he’s dead or what. But one of the crew went crazy and started hitting people over the head with a hammer. I have three men who are injured now. The one I can’t wake him up.

“He already cut the antenna or something,” said the captain at one point – seemingly unable to hear some previous responses.

This distress call was made around 2:30 p.m. via international distress and calling channel 16, the complaint notes.

A German cruise ship called Mein Schiff 6, which was near the ship’s location, was the first to arrive after hearing the distress call. The ship’s crew redirected their navigation and came alongside the unfortunate fishing vessel. The first victim and Sosa, who “had a visible head wound and stab wounds to his torso” were taken on board, according to the complaint. “The cruise ship doctor said [Sosa] died shortly after boarding.

Towards the end of the ordeal, according to the captain while relaying court documents, Vazquez pulled up the mast after being cornered by the remaining crew members. Vazquez finally threw the knife on the deck. He was eventually arrested by the US Coast Guard.

The accused remained at the top of the mast until he was arrested later that night. He was immediately transferred to federal custody after arriving in Boston, Massachusetts, the following day.

No one knows what sparked the violence as the boat dredged up the scallops. Authorities have been silent on a potential motive.

As part of his plea deal, the defendant pleaded guilty to one count of second degree murder, attempted murder and assault with a dangerous weapon. He faces life imprisonment.

According to PilotVazquez had previously been arrested in March of that year for allegedly strangling his wife of 20 years after he returned from a night out with friends in Newport News, Virginia.

“He was smiling and laughing after strangling his wife,” his wife’s mother said. Lindsay Mc Dannold, Recount Newsweek immediately after the sailors’ attack. “He had absolutely no remorse.”

The alleged details of this incident seem, in hindsight, to be something of a bad omen for the oceanic nightmare to come.

“I want you to see the reality,” he allegedly told his wife before climbing on top of the woman in their bed and strangling her with both hands, according to the criminal complaint filed in that earlier case.

The violence allegedly continued as he pushed his victim, pinned her down and ‘wrapped a black and red scarf around her head’, before a brief respite that ended when he pulled her upstairs by the hair.

“Do you hear a voice? he asked his wife. “Do you see the devil?”

[image via Newport News Police Department]

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