Fish fell from the sky in east Texas


The city of Texarkana, in eastern Texas, had a rare weather event to close the year: it rained fish.

The phenomenon, known as “animal rain”, occurred in the city on Wednesday, where officials said in a Facebook post that 2021 “removed all tricks … including fish rain.”

“And no, it’s not a joke,” the post continued.

The city asked residents who witnessed the strange event for their photos of the fish – some provided them in a long comment thread, along with notes of disbelief – and offered a quick intro on the strange event. .

As a Library of Congress article explains, scientists believe waterspouts or updrafts are responsible for the falls of fish and small animals that have been observed – but not fully documented – around the planet for centuries. .

A tornado could descend towards the water’s surface, sucking objects and small animals into its vortex and causing them to rain elsewhere. Wind currents from a strong thunderstorm could do something similar, another theory suggests.

In Kansas City, Missouri, it rained frogs in 1873. In Japan, tadpoles rained in 2009. In Australia, it was glittery perch in 2010.

In Texarkana, James Audirsch said he heard a thunderclap when he and his colleague Brad Pratt opened the doors of the car dealership.

“It was raining really hard and a fish hit the ground,” Audirsch told NBC affiliate KTAL. “I said, ‘It’s raining fish.’ Brad told me ‘no it doesn’t’. I was like, ‘no it really is.’ And the fish were falling, here and everywhere.

What appeared to be a young white bar measuring less than half a foot could be seen strewn across the concession parking lot, the station reported.


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