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When Chevrolet’s econobox Nova debuted in 1962, it was launched to take on Ford’s Falcon. The beauty of the Nova inspired car buyers to embrace these versatile, lightweight cars and a star was born. In 1966, Chevy decided it was the right time to introduce a redesign and there’s no denying the surprisingly good looks the second-generation Nova gave consumers when new. The new styling was based in part on the Super Nova concept car and remains a timeless hot rod.

In fact, the second-generation Nova is still a staple among enthusiasts, and the cost of acquiring even a fine example of driver-grade quality is more than some can afford. Fortunately, the people of dream gift garage can fulfill this desire of a Nova aficionado.

The small-block 327 under the hood is not only a solid runner, but it is reliable as it all comes out.

As you can see, the red ’66 offered as part of the raffle could be the perfect hot rod. We don’t have much information on the restoration, but I will say it appears to be a quality job – the car looks perfect. Sure, this car may not be a Concours-type restoration, but it’s an exceptionally well-prepared, above-average, driver-grade ride – and that’s a good thing. The reason I say that is that this is definitely a car the new owner can get in and drive just about anywhere they want.

66 new

On the road once more

In fact, I had the opportunity to drive the car in the hot Florida sun as I racked up the miles while driving through Largo, Florida. When I first started the little 327 engine, I encountered a very OE-sounding muscle car. The exhaust note wasn’t too loud but still sounded like a ’60s powerhouse. The engine wasn’t designed to be a hard-to-control street monster. On the contrary, the idle has a nice slope, and driving around town was more than pleasant.

I think what even made the ride more enjoyable was the four-speed shifter that crosses the floor. Driving a car like this is truly an experience. It’s not like daily jumping into a late model with an automatic transmission and driving to work. No sir, this car will make you want to drive to work, it’s so much fun to drive.

I’ll admit that having more modern seats and air conditioning might make long drives more comfortable, but the interior is simple 60s and more than adequate. The standard interior includes vinyl seat coverings, a basic AM radio, and an in-dash clock. And in hot rod fashion, a vintage Moon tachometer and under-dash gauges complete the look.

Driving this car is like sitting in a time capsule. Rowing the gears was effortless and immediately took me back to a bygone era. As I drove around Largo, I couldn’t suppress the grin from ear to ear that seemed to be a permanent fixture. The car was working perfectly and I didn’t want to go back to the Dream Giveaway shop. Alas, I had to.

You can own this hot rod

Whoever is lucky enough to win this car will receive a classic Nova that will fit into any cruise party or car show and provide the new owner with an unparalleled driving experience. If you want to be the new owner, I’m here to help you make it happen.

You can own this red rocket simply by visiting the Dream Giveaway Garage website and purchasing a ticket (or multiple tickets) to the contest. But you need to hurry, because the raffle ends on November 15, 2022 and a winner will be drawn on December 1, 2022. Not only will the winner of the raffle get the car, but Dream Giveaway will also give that person 13 $000 to cover taxes. What’s not to like?

dream gift

Simplistic 1960s comfort.

What might surprise you is that tickets are only $3.00 each. Since it only takes one ticket to win, this classic ’66 Nova could, in theory, be parked in your garage for the paltry sum of $3.00. But, since the raffle will benefit multiple charities, you’ll feel better if you buy more than a few. In fact, we want to help you increase your chances of winning. Click here for a complete list of contest rules.

To increase your chances of winning, ChevyHardcore.com readers should use the promo code HARDCORE when ordering. When you do, Dream Giveaway will give you double the tickets. This means you can double the number of actual tickets you get if your donation is $25.00 or more! You can click here to buy your tickets. What are you waiting for? As I mentioned, the draw ends on November 15, 2022.


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