Don’t neglect rib fracture


What will happen if the rib fracture is not treated properly?

If rib fractures are not treated properly, sooner or later death will become inevitable. Generally, people don’t take rib fractures seriously and go to small clinics and hospitals for treatment thinking it’s just a simple injury.

Our medical fraternity also does not seem as serious as desired when it comes to the treatment of broken ribs. What usually happens in India, people focus only on the broken ribs and hence consult a bone specialist for the treatment of broken ribs.

People don’t realize that a person who has fractured their ribs must also have injured their underlying lung. With the result, people pay more attention to the broken ribs than to the underlying injured lung and hence the damaged lung is totally overlooked while treating a chest injury.

When they realize this mistake, it is too late and the victim of a broken rib develops a fatal condition of ARDS (Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome). In this condition of ARDS, the chances of survival are only five percent.

In such a situation, the breathing and oxygenation process is severely impaired and the amount of oxygen in the blood becomes dangerously low and the level of carbon dioxide in the blood is very high. In such a scenario, various body organs like kidneys, brain, and liver stop functioning and the chest X-ray turns white and blurry instead of black.

Therefore, people should take a broken rib suffered in a traffic accident very seriously from the start and thus avoid directly inviting the dreaded ARDS or “white lung” which is actually the messenger of death.


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