Cruise ship returns to New London for first time in 4 years


NEW LONDON, CT (WFSB) – The impending storm could delay the Ocean Navigator’s Monday evening departure.

This is the first cruise ship to visit Connecticut in nearly 4 years.

88 passengers are halfway through a 17-day voyage aboard the Ocean Navigator, a 300-foot-long ship heading to Halifax from Savannah.

“It’s by far the smallest ship, I’m really enjoying it,” said Barb Coplan of Seattle.

“It’s just great to go out. The size of this ship allows you to enter these neat towns. You can’t get here any other way,” Randy Coplan said.

Passengers had the opportunity to delve into the city’s rich maritime history with a two-hour bus and museum tour, a visit to Fort Trumbull and the Shaw Mansion near Bank Street.

Mayor Mike Passero greeted the captain and exchanged gifts as this is the first cruise ship visit in four years and the crew’s first excursion during COVID-19.

“We’ve been laid up for 2 years, this is our first post-pandemic cruise,” said Ocean Navigator Captain Gary Kerr.

Passenger Helen Nerod is from Texas and is excited to stop over in New London.

“I think it’s a very exciting journey that we’re on, the best part about halfway here is my son,” she said.

The Nerods were going to eat lobster rolls.

The ocean navigator must leave around 6 p.m. but because of the storm they can wait until morning to leave for Newport.


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