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Twitch is not a new term in the broadcasting industry. It broadcasts various topics that keep streamers entertained. The expansion of the streamed topic gives Twitch a good standing against others like Twitter and YouTube. Streamed content must conform to Twitch standards, which means viewers can watch streamers cover any topic.

  1. The music

Music is a good form of entertainment that attracts a large audience. Streamers can now host virtual concerts on Twitch and show off their musical talents. Top performers often buy Twitch viewers to target large audiences while earning revenue on their own. Attractive and entertaining music helps increase viewership. Many people visit Twitch for entertainment. Since music is a prime example of this, it also leads viewers to other vital topics.

  1. Game show

Twitch is popularly known for its game streaming, attracting many male and teenage viewers. It is a highly engaging and interactive platform that gives streamers and viewers a chance to chat live. Streamers present different live games, which include guest challenges and giveaways. These live games attract people’s attention and are done using iPhones or computers.

  1. Live travel

Streamers have their dream vacation, which they can stream to their viewers on Twitch using the Switcher app. It’s an additional topic that streamers can now showcase their journey wherever they go. All it takes is a stable internet connection to stream and give viewers a chance to easily experience your journey. It is important to have high quality audio and video to help viewers easily enjoy such a travel experience.

  1. cooking show

Viewers can watch cooking methods from streamers using iPhones, PCs or iPads. Cooking in the kitchen requires the use of multiple rooms and many items. It requires streamers to set up the cameras from different angles to fully capture the whole idea of ​​cooking. Streamers must show their face, the cooking area, items like a cutting board, and more. Twitch bosses do not alter the screen as it can automatically switch content.

  1. fitness training

Physical training is another topic broadcast to viewers by many streamers. Thy captures squats and pushups while connecting directly with viewers. In addition to physically visiting the gym, viewers can now watch physical training from home with the help of Twitch. On the other hand, streamers can earn income with such training. They give step-by-step advice to follow the training quickly while answering the various questions asked.

  1. I’m just chatting

Simply chatting falls in flow but lacks gameplay or structured presentations. It’s a conversation between streamers and their viewers or the streamers themselves. Other streamers can connect the PC using the Switcher app to add live chat on screen. Different template options allow Twitch chat to be overlaid on a full screen for easy viewing. Viewers can now quickly follow the cat while it’s in a scenic view.

  1. Crafts and arts

Many people focus on art and are ready to show their talents to the world and have an audience. Twitch is a great answer for those looking for a streaming app to use. Viewers have the option to watch different forms of arts like crocheting, blacksmithing, and animations that these streamers display in the app. The many options also allow these stream views to be customized, aided by different camera angles.

  1. Podcasts

There is an option to stream podcasts and talk shows on Twitch which is attracting a lot of followers. The collected series of digital audio files makes it easy to follow the entire program. Streamers connect live with their guests through such podcasts while inviting remote guests to join the show. There is an option to cross-promote content with auto-save stream recording.

  1. Table games

People plan various games with their household and want to stream on Twitch. Giving your Twitch audience a chance to follow and get in touch with the real action by capturing with multiple cameras is key. Streamer only requires angle adjustment using iPads and iPhones.


Twitch has moved on to various new categories allowing viewers to watch any topic that interests them. On the other hand, streamers are not limited to any question they choose but must abide by Twitch’s Terms of Service. It made the Twitch live streaming experience much better.


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