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Blue skies, a light breeze and cooler temperatures made the atmosphere perfect for all the activities in downtown Sanford on Saturday.

The San-Lee Antique Automobile Club of America held its annual Classic To Customs show and the Sanford Farmers Market attracted more than 1,400 people and two dozen vendors, while further up town people shopped at the Temple Theatre’s Yard Sale.

Bobby Teague was one of many classic vehicle owners and displayed his 1952 Ford F1 pickup truck for all to see.

“My grandfather bought it new in Chatham County in 1952,” Teague said as he proudly polished the truck for onlookers. “It’s been in the family since 1952, and I hope it always will be.”

Teague, who recently received a Top 10 trophy in his class at a huge show in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, said he was impressed with the show downtown.

“It’s the first time I’ve spoken out,” he said. “It’s a great show and there’s a good crowd.”

This good crowd caught the eye of Downtown Sanford Inc. Executive Director Kelli Laudate, who was drifting between events. The car show filled a section of Charlotte Avenue and part of the Buggy Factory parking lot. The Sanford Farmer’s Market filled the other half of the lot and had a good crowd from opening at 8:30 until closing at noon. The winner also mentioned the possibility of a major honor for downtown Sanford as she walked through the Farmers Market.

“We were nominated for Carolina’s Finest,” she said. “It’s through Central Electric Membership. They do the Carolina Country magazine that comes out statewide. We’ve been nominated as one of North Carolina’s “Best Main Streets.” We have to earn it. We are honored to be nominated, but now we have to enter among the other downtowns.

Information on how to vote is available via a link on the downtown Sanford Facebook page.

“When you go to vote, you can do so through the QR code and it will take you to the website,” Laudate said. “It says ‘Street/Downtown’ when you choose this area. Be sure to write to downtown Sanford.

Laureate said the crowd on Saturday was fantastic.

“Just today, over 1,400 people came to the Sanford Farmers Market,” she said. “Last year they had 89 car show registrations and this year they were up to 120 and still making copies of registration forms for more entries. Downtown is booming – every weekend.


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