Carnival VIFP Club: How It Works, Benefits & More


With millions of passengers on the cruise line each year, Carnival’s VIFP Club is among the most popular loyalty programs in the industry. Regardless of your status, the program offers benefits to being a member. And since membership is free, why not take advantage of it?

Sailing on a Carnival cruise? Here’s everything you need to know about the cruise line‘s VIFP loyalty program.

However, you may have questions regarding the program, how it works, and the benefits to members. Here’s everything you need to know about the VIFP program.

The basics are simple. For each day of navigation, you earn points as part of the program. Navigate more and you will earn more points which will put you in a higher status level. From there, with each status level comes more benefits for your cruise.

For more program details and answers to common questions, we’ve got you covered below …

What is the VIFP Club?

The VIFP Club is the loyalty program of Carnival Cruise Line. (VIFP stands for Very Important Fun Person.) As a member of the program, passengers earn points for each day they cruise with Carnival. The more a person sails, the more points they earn, which leads to a higher level of status in the VIFP Club.

With higher status, a passenger earns perks and rewards, including everything from special fares to gifts on the ship to expedited boarding and more.

Why should I join the VIFP Club?

When it comes to Carnival’s loyalty program, there really is no reason not to join. Membership is completely free and can only benefit you by offering rewards. It is also easy to register. Since you’re going to be sailing anyway (which is exactly how you earn points toward higher status), not it doesn’t make much sense to be part of the VIFP Club.

How to register for Club VIFP?

You can subscribe to register as a VIFP member on the Carnival website, whether you have taken cruises before or have never sailed before. Registration is free and only takes a few seconds to register. Plus, you can get an account when you book your first cruise. Having trouble registering? You can also call Carnival at 1-888-227-6482 to register.

How can I earn points?

Earning points is easy. For each night of the cruise, you earn one point. So, a seven-night cruise earns you seven points. Take a three night trip? It’s three points. Over time, the points you earn add up to increase your status in the program.

Additionally, you may see other opportunities to earn points, possibly without going on a cruise. Under the terms and conditions of the VIFP Club, Carnival may “Provide opportunities to earn additional VIFP points by participating in different promotions, contests or sweepstakes. “

However, the most common and reliable way to make money is by sailing on a cruise line.

Do I earn points for booked cruises?

No, points are earned only for the nights of navigation. So if you took a seven-day cruise last summer and booked a five-day cruise for next year, you’ll only get seven points as a member, not 12.

Do I earn more points for spending more on a room?

While you might think that you would gain higher status by spending more money on your cruise, you are not. Whether you sail in an interior cabin or a high-end suite, they both earn you one point per day for your VIFP status.

That’s not to say Carnival couldn’t do something like awarding double points to suite guests to entice them to book a premium cabin. For now at least, even if you book the cheapest room on the ship or the best cabin available, you’ll earn points like everyone else on board.

Do VIFP Club points expire or does the status level drop?

At least for now, VIFP Club points do not expire. So if you earn 25 points in the program but don’t sail for a few years, you will still have the same point level and status as before. This is different from frequent flyer programs like with airlines where the points you earn often “drop” after a certain time. If you have achieved Gold status, you don’t have to worry about reverting back to Red status just because you haven’t been sailing for a while.

So even if you’re just an occasional cruiser or sometimes only sail Carnival, there’s still a reason to be a member and rack up those rewards.

What are the status levels in the Carnival VIFP Club?

Carnival Sail & Sign Card
Your VIFP status is displayed with the color of your Sail & Sign card.

Within the club, there are five different status levels for passengers. Each is known by a color, which is displayed as the background of your Sail & Sign card. (Around the ship, you might see people showing their status with their cards in a lanyard!)

  • Blue (First Sail): This status is obtained during a person’s first cruise. This is where everyone starts.
  • Red (second navigation-24 points): Won a second Carnival sailing through 24 points.
  • Gold (25-74 points): Gold membership is awarded to those who have 25-74 points in the VIFP Club.
  • Platinum (75-199 points): Second highest status, Platinum is awarded for 75 to 199 points.
  • Diamond (over 200 points): Have you sailed for more than 200 nights? This deserves the highest Diamond level Carnival status.

What are the advantages of Club VIFP?

As you might expect, different membership levels provide different benefits. The higher your status, the more benefits you earn.

The good news is that regardless of your status, there are some perks you can enjoy. You don’t have to be a Diamond member to get a gift.

Perks and rewards range from a complimentary bottle of water in your room to priority check-in / boarding, Carnival souvenir gifts, collectible pins, priority deplaning, and priority reservations.

List of benefits for the Carnival VIFP club

Do I benefit from special rates to be a member?

Yes. As a VIFP member, you will often see prices that are different from the prices advertised to the general public.

One thing to watch out for, however, is that we have personally seen that the rates upper with the VIFP number entered only during the search without. Although we are a long way from Diamond members, it was strange to see the higher rates. That’s why we suggest you search with and without the club number entered, just to be sure you’re getting the best rate.

What if I achieve a new status while on a cruise?

Suppose you have sailed 20 nights, which gives you Red status in the VIFP Club, but you embark on a seven-night cruise. At the end of the cruise, you will have 27 points, enough to earn Gold status.

In this case, Carnival grants passengers higher status at the start of the cruise. So, while you embark with 20 points, you will still enjoy Gold status at the start of the trip, which will give you additional benefits.

According to the Carnival website:

“Notwithstanding the foregoing, in the event that a Member books a cruise in which that Member achieves the necessary VIFP Points to attain a new tier during or at the end of that cruise (a ‘Cross Cruise’), CCL may, at its sole discretion, offer that member the benefits offered to higher tier members during the cross cruise.

What if I have a cruise spent without points?

Typically, points are automatically applied to your account within 14 points of travel completion. Passengers normally have nothing to do.

It may happen that the points do not apply automatically or that some cruises that you have taken in the past have not been added. In this case, you can log into your Carnival account. From there, click on “My Cruises” and scroll down to “Claim a Past Cruise”. Enter your missing cruise information and it will be reviewed to add the trip to your VIFP profile.

Is Carnival’s VIFP Club Worth Joining?

The VIFP loyalty program doesn’t offer a ton of perks until you reach Platinum status, which is only achieved after 75 nights of sailing. Even so, there are some advantages to joining the lower levels. For example, even Red Status members receive a free bottle of water in the cabin that would otherwise be chargeable.

That said, since membership is free, there is no real reason not to register. At the very least, you can get a few freebies, while passengers who regularly cruise Carnival can enjoy even greater perks.

So in our opinion, it is definitely worth joining the Carnival VIFP Club. We don’t see a problem.

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