BMW i-vision Circular is not just another electric car; it’s 100% recyclable


There is growing support for the use of recyclable materials in vehicle manufacturing from various car manufacturers. As the automotive industry strives for sustainable mobility, recyclability is increasing across the industry. BMW took advantage of the IAA 2021 to present its i-vision Circular concept which would be a 100% recyclable vehicle.

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The Bavarian car giant claims that i-vision Circular is the automaker’s very first electric vehicle which was designed, developed and manufactured according to the circular economy.

It features a compact city sedan with a fully electric powertrain. BMW claims that this car was designed for 2040. It also claims that the car was made from 100% recycled materials and also powered by a recyclable electric battery. Circularity is even introduced in the development and manufacture of this four-meter-long four-seater car.

The car comes with an unpainted body which uses light gold anodized aluminum, which turns to a blue-purple color at the rear thanks to the heat-treated steel.

As BMW claims, it is based on the three principles of the circular economy – Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.

In terms of design, the compact EV concept features large kidney grilles with outer edges that feature an angled LED strip like headlights. The bumper of the car has a worked and chunky appearance. The illustrations on the grille and headlights influence the design of the wheels and windows of the i-vision Circular.

The side profiles have a flowing appearance, without any door handles and blend seamlessly into the areas of the greenhouse. As it moves to the rear, it receives a wide and thick LED strip that crosses the width of the car and acts as a tail light. The roof appears sloping towards the front profile. A small, smooth overhang at the front blends in perfectly with the windshield.

The roof and windows are completely transparent and provide a cockpit ambience worthy of a sports car. The cabin certainly has a feeling of spaciousness thanks to this design. There are suicidal doors and there are no pillars at all.

The cabin appears with a minimal design, without any unnecessary parts. There are crystals used as jewelry or art but work as controls and lighting. They were made from recyclable 3D printed plastic and then injected with a low-tech light source. The steering wheel looks straight out like a sports car.

Instead of conventional seats, the seats used carpet which can be recycled and reused. According to BMW, the car is iconic, cool and alive. It has been designed in such a way as to extend the life cycle of the car.

The automaker has not disclosed details of the powertrain. Expect it to get two motors each powering an axle and there is autonomous driving technology as well.


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