Ben Zahn used Kenner employees to deliver items to private parties


Ethics lawyer Dane Ciolino said officials cannot legally give valuables to individuals.

“He has the potential to violate…virtually every rule in the book,” Ciolino said.

At issue is whether the town of Kenner received any service or benefit in exchange for providing its tents and barricades to the Schneider-owned and operated festival. Schneider thinks so.

“I love Kenner, and I love Kenner because of Ben,” Schneider said in an interview with WWL-TV during Bo’s Extravaganza last month. “In my mind, what Ben was doing was getting a national presence – because we have people here from New Zealand, we have people from everywhere – at an event outside of his region to attract more of people in his area.”

Schneider said Kenner’s tents provided shade and comfort for festival-goers, and the barricades protected spectators when he car-jumped across the Tikfaw River for a film production. He also said the tents displayed banners bearing the name of the town of Kenner, although two town employees present said the tents were plain white and were not adorned with any Kenner banners or logos. .

Schneider also said he was surprised to learn that city employees delivering the equipment were on time and using a city truck to do so, according to city payroll and tracking records. GPS.

“If it was a city truck, which you say it was, then I guess…I don’t know. What could we have done? Did you donate or what? ” he said.

Schneider, a private citizen, graciously answered all questions from WWL-TV regarding the equipment donated by Kenner. Zahn, on the other hand, is an elected official but declined interview requests from the station. Instead, his administration released a written statement saying the equipment donation was “a great opportunity to engage our brand.”


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