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“We actually had two different requests – one on the billing side and one on the wheel lock side – just to take a look at these charges and update them,” Dorton told the Opelika-Auburn News . “Considering the time elapsed and the rates charged by other cities, it seemed reasonable to ask the Council.”

The 2008 amendment to the ordinance established maximum wheel-lock charges that went from $ 25 per hour for vehicles stuck between 0 and 2 hours to $ 65 for vehicles stuck for more than 6 hours. In 2016, however, city council passed an amendment to impose a one-time fee of $ 50 for locked wheeled vehicles.

Dawson told the Opelika-Auburn News that his concern is with visitors coming to Auburn who may not be aware of where they can park downtown during larger events like football game days or Auburn University events like orientation.

“I want to make sure it’s fair to everyone involved, especially someone who’s visiting Auburn with their kids and doesn’t know they have to pay $ 150 to get their car back,” Dawson said. . “$ 150 to get your car back seems a bit excessive to me. “

Dawson said he believes city council should reconsider the dollar amount of the increased fees and that a middle ground of $ 125 would be more balanced for the vehicle owner.

“I want to be fair to the people who have their towing businesses, because I know the cost of fuel is going up and things of that nature,” he said. “At the same time, I tend to worry about the family who come to Auburn without knowing it. It would be awful to come to Auburn for an event and come back to your car while you are gone.

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