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On the other side, the most negative rating of these snipers is in their trait

Prioritize Low DEF Enemies First

I’m just going to copy the things I said in the Firewatch guide with a few minor edits.

This is the main reason why people don’t like deadeye sniper. Aside from recognizable enemies like slugs, dogs, or basic enemies, there’s no easy distinction as to who has the lowest DEF unless it’s absolutely obvious, which rarely happens. It either requires good memorization or just experiences (which, if you’re reading this to learn about Deadeyes in general, I’m guessing you won’t have that yet).

Generally, larger enemies tend to have higher DEF than smaller ones, so you can start with that. Ranged enemies also tend to have lower DEF. But even then, it’s also not guaranteed, because exceptions always exist. In the end, it’s usually unpredictable – even occasionally for me, having been around them for so long (2.5 years now!).

But all is not bad. It also keeps them from being distracted from what they want to shoot. HG has a typical strategy of spawning ranged enemies behind a defender, which would usually cause most units to target the defender instead of the ranged one, even when both are blocked. However, these snipers can shoot enemies from a distance, even from afar.

It also cancels any taunts. Shieldguards, Patriots, and Toddifons S1 cannot override this trait at all, which also means they can still do what the previous paragraph said in those cases as well. And that’s why I say they can’t be distracted from shooting what they want, but not what you want them to do. This will be important for people who want to use Fartooth.

All in all, a very difficult trait to use, but also difficult to fool by game mechanics.

All snipers except Ambriel have ways to counter this trait, but not 100% effective.

Andreana ignores enemies below 50% HP, regardless of their DEF, but hey, she ignores them.

Firewatch has 3 AoE strikes, but a long cooldown, and his S1 is his best skill anyway.

Fartooth has 2 skills that attempt to counter this. But just like the 2 previous ones, its effectiveness is questionable.


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