Aiken Horsepower Spring Fling goes “Back to the Future”


May 21—Even without a speaker blasting Huey Lewis and the News or a replacement for Michael J. Fox, there’s no mistaking the car Greg Hall brought to the 19th Annual Aiken Horsepower Spring Fling Car Show: a DMC DeLorean from 1982.

“He has a certain notoriety since the [‘Back to the Future’] movies,” Hall said Saturday afternoon. “Most people recognize that immediately. Some people are very tickled by the car.”

In the “Back to the Future” films, Michael J. Fox’s character uses a modified DeLorean to travel through time. In the first film, he accidentally travels back to 1955 from 1985. In the second, he and the scientist who figured out how to make time travel possible travel from 1985 to 2015, then back to 1955. And in the third, Fox’s character travels from 1955 to 1885 and then back to 1985.

Hall said a woman who came to the Spring Fling when it opened at 9 a.m. Saturday in the parking lot of Millbrook Baptist Church had her week done when she was able to get in the car and get take a photo.

“She was so excited,” Hall said. “There’s just something about it that’s appealing.”

Hall said he brought the DeLorean from a classic car retailer in 1994 and took it to cruises the club held on the first Saturday of the month two or three times a year. He added that he usually takes it out for the Spring Fling.

Club president Patrick Lee said the Spring Fling raises money for the Cumbee Center To Assist Abused Persons through the car show and children’s games.

“A lot of the profit goes to the Cumbee Center, not the club itself,” Lee said. “It’s good [to support the Cumbee Center]. We have a great relationship with them. It’s good to give time and money.”

He added that the club had held the event at the fairgrounds north of Aiken for the past two years, but returned to town at Millbrook Baptist Church on Saturday.

Lee said many of the cars shown at the show were the same cars shown at the club’s car show on the first Saturday of the month at Home Depot. However, he added that some of the cars at the show were from Columbia and Augusta.

Dick Salerno was a North Augusta non-regular. He brought his 1957 Chevrolet 210 to the show.

The 210s were made from 1953 to 1957 and are similar to the Bel Airs of the same period. In 1957, the model was replaced by the Biscayne as General Motors sought to rename its cars after coastal towns such as Bel Air, Biscayne (Biscayne Bay is in Florida) and, later, Malibu.

Salerno said he came to the show because he liked having a reason to drive the car. He joked that his wife thought he was in the garage every day polishing the car, but added that he enjoyed playing with the car as much as possible.


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