25 best open-world games of all time


This is also why Death Stranding is a shining example of this genre. Its desolate and sometimes hopeless world just happens to be the perfect setting for a game designed to teach you to appreciate the value of small victories and human connections. You’ll fall, you’ll fail, and you’ll sometimes wonder if you’re having fun, but the moment you think back to the better world you left behind and how far you’ve come, you might shed a tear. – MB

7. The Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind

At a time when developers were simply dipping their toes in the waters of the open world concept as we know it today, the team behind The Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind took a different approach. They set out to make an open-world game that seemingly featured everything they had ever wanted to do with their already epic RPGs. As a result, Morrowwind can often be confusing, complicated and remarkably unfriendly.

Yet many of the qualities you might use to criticize Morrowwind could just as well be used to explain why this is such an important and amazing open-world experience. It’s an open-world RPG where you really feel like you’re gradually developing your character and making a name for yourself in its beautiful, dangerous, and wonderfully weird world. Mods and fan updates can improve some of this game’s technical shortcomings, but nothing replaces the ways in which Morrowwind makes you feel like you’ve truly been transported to a distant land where the only victories you’ll find are those you achieve for yourself. – MB

Fallout New Vegas best open world games

6. Fallout: New Vegas

Player choice is at the heart of the To fall franchise, and Fallout: New Vegas offers more choices than any other entry in this franchise that redefined what role-playing in video games really means. Players can solve almost any problem with their weapons, wits, or wallet, but the game’s gray morality remains a constant challenge. Many otherwise perfectly designed characters and organizations in To fall the games are either too good or bad for the mustache, but New Vegas blindsides players by ensuring that nothing is quite as it seems. There are choices in this game that go far beyond right and wrong, “A” or “B”, or color-coded moral compasses.

Fallout: New Vegas shows what kind of magic can happen when game developers make the inhabitants of a world as morally flexible as the main character. – HER

Grand Theft Auto 5 Best Open World Games

5. Grand Theft Auto V

Like the rest of the entries in this legendary franchise, Auto grand theft 5 is basically a gigantic crime simulator. Players can explore every backstreet of its incredible world and absorb every detail that went into creating this over-the-top, satirical universe that somehow feels more real than it probably should. While GTA 5The return to a slightly more ridiculous form of gameplay bolstered by a variety of side activities was certainly welcome, what really elevates this game above its predecessors is its use of three protagonists. The concept of three protagonists in one GTA The game might have been a gimmick, but the personalities and goals of our “heroes” play into each other in a way that creates an exciting narrative that would have been impossible to achieve with a single track.


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