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Well, I might as well admit right away that I’m not a cruising enthusiast. Still, I am quite intrigued by the popularity of cruises around the world. I love the idea of ​​waking up in a new place every morning, going out for the day, and then continuing into the night. Maybe with an odd day to take advantage of everything that is happening on board.

So here I have put together a few cruises that not only scratch that itch of going somewhere new and spectacular almost every day, but also have a lot of fun on the ship itself, surrounded by people sharing the same ideas.

Some of these cruises seem so good that I want to sign up for them right now, while others maybe not so much. We’re all passionate about something different, and I wanted to celebrate exactly that with this eclectic roundup.

Which one are you interested in?

Viking cruise, Norway (Photo credit: Marius Dobilas / Shutterstock)

1. Pole to Pole, Arctic to Antarctic, Viking Cruises

Let’s start with a spectacular cruise it’s definitely on my bucket list. Departure in September for a 44-day journey from northern Norway, the gateway to the Arctic, skirting Scotland and Ireland, crossing the Atlantic Ocean to Rio de Janeiro. Then, direction Argentina, Uruguay, the Falkland Islands and the Antarctic Islands before returning to Ushuaia. With luxurious cabins with balconies and scientists on hand to explain what you see along the way, it’s nothing short of spectacular. Not just for the bucket list, but also to be reserved when you win the lottery, as you only get the prize on request. And you know what they say: If you have to ask….

Pro tip: Most Antarctic cruises are expensive and long simply because of the distance traveled, but there are shorter and less telling cruises. options.

2. One for Cat Lovers, Florida and Mexico, Meow Meow Cruises

From penguins to cats. This Meow Cruise is a bit strange. This is a weeklong cruise in October from Florida to the Mexican coast, passing through Cozumel, Costa Maya and Roatan, and it’s themed about cat lovers, but without real cats. Cat lovers get together, take part in meetups, cat quizzes, kitten treasure hunts, and get a bag of kitten goodies, but can only cuddle the odd kitten on the floor. Still, the cruise certainly brings together like-minded people and is affordable, with beautiful cabins and plenty of activities.

Pro tip: Rather a dog person? Try it Corgi cruise.

Cruise moored on the river near the Christmas market.
Christmas Market (Photo credit: Steve Estvanik / Shutterstock)

3. Christmas market cruise, Europe, scenic luxury cruises and tours

Europe in winter is just lovely and a visit around Christmas is fun when the atmospheric markets are in full swing. This 12 day cruise, on a river cruise ship with a capacity of around 160 passengers, takes you from Zurich, Switzerland, to Amsterdam, the Netherlands, passing by famous Christmas market towns such as Strasbourg, France, and Cologne, in Germany. Four countries, 5 star service (including your own butler), plenty of Christmas markets and fun, including regular servings of roasted chestnuts and mulled wine. It sounds like a perfect Christmas getaway to me.

Pro tip: A little pressed for time? There is a 8 day itinerary of the same cruise available, cutting off Strasbourg, however.

4. Culinary Cruises, Worldwide, Holland America Line

I love the idea of ​​not only getting off a cruise brimming with impressions of an exciting destination, but also being equipped with useful new skills. Holland America Line Cruises offer a selection of shore excursions organized by Food and wine, which offer everything from market tours to cooking classes and wine tastings. Whether it’s learning how to cook a ceviche in Curacao or making a traditional pizza in Naples, buying and then making the perfect Pad Thai in Bangkok, you’ll take home a skill that will keep you reminding you of your destination. .

Pro tip: Not all cruises are available at the moment, but there are still many routes closer to home.

5. Bare Necessities, Miscellaneous Cruises, Bare Cruise

You’ve probably heard of bareboating, which is chartering a boat without a crew, but this is a different kind of naked cruise. All naked, in this case. If you love skinny dips and more, this could be for you. Sailing for two weeks on a 5-masted Clipper along the Italian coast, admiring sites such as Cinque Terre, Amalfi, Stromboli, Sardinia and Corsica, looks pretty good. And all with some 200 like-minded and equally naked guests, plus 106 (hopefully dressed) crew members. I guess you will need to bring clothes for the shore excursions.

Pro tip: If that makes your boat float, why not try a bigger cruise ship, a longer trip, and one closer to you? The Large naked boat 2022 takes in the Caribbean Islands.

Sunset over the Nile in the city of Aswan with its sandy and deserted shores.
The Nile at Aswan (Photo credit: Leshiy985 / Shutterstock)

6. Experience the Nile in style, Egypt, SS Sudan

Do you want to see the wonders of Egypt, take a Nile cruise, but also something special? Try it SS Sudan, the same steamboat Agatha Christie wrote Murder on the Nile on, and on which the various film versions, with Peter Ustinov, Kenneth Branagh, and TV Poirot David Suchet, were filmed. For six days you will sail from Luxor to Aswan, seeing the Valley of the Kings, Karnak, Philae and many other ancient sites along the way, and all in absolute luxury with just a few other passengers staying in the ship’s plush 23 cabins and suites. You can sail the Nile or the Nile, and there are 5 and 6 day itineraries.

Pro tip: To complete the experience, book yourself in the history Old Cataract Hotel in Aswan, which was also an Agatha Christie’s favorite.

Holland America Line in Norway.
Holland America Line (Photo credit: NAPA / Shutterstock)

7. Knitting cruise, Northern European islands, Holland America

Pack your knitting needles and sail for two weeks around the beautiful islands of northern Europe on a knitting cruise. Departing from Amsterdam, you’ll sail to Scotland, through the Scottish Isles, Norway and Iceland, stopping to shop for local wool, learn about regional techniques and patterns. Accompanied by knitting experts, you’ll enjoy lectures and hands-on work, in the company of other enthusiasts, and come home not with a local, store-bought wool sweater, but a sweater you’ve worked on yourself. same.

Pro tip: Are you not a knitter, but love to crochet, bead or needle point? There are plenty of so-called Craft cruises which offer many routes around the world, whatever route or hobby you like.

8. Enterprise Sailboat, Caribbean, Star Trek The Cruise V

Not quite the Spaceship company, but what comes closest here on earth is the Star Trek Cruise from Florida to the Bahamas, Puerto Rico and St. Martin. Many cast members of different Star Trek reincarnations, such as George Takei and Johnathan Frakes, will be on board, while dedicated Trekkie passengers don their favorite costumes and have a blast (laser) for an entire week. From nightly screenings to celebrity interactions, from treasure hunts to trivia games, it’s all Star Trek on the theme of this cruise.

Pro tip: If you are more Star wars than Star Trek, and a week is too long for you to be in a costume, so try it all day Star wars event that is now an integral part of various Disney cruises.

9. Walking on the boards, Bermuda, Norwegian jewel

Are you a theater enthusiast, do you like to see live performances or even walk the stage yourself? Then Broadway Cruise is for you. Departing from New York, with a single stop in Norfolk and then on to Bermuda, this isn’t so much a cruise filled with destinations as it is a floating workshop. There are countless famous names from stage and film, such as Laura Benanti and Alan Cummings, on board to participate in shows, solo performances, workshops and other stage-related events, while There are also fun activities such as karaoke, theme parties, and yoga, if you have outperformed. You end with a break on the beaches of Bermuda.

Pro tip: As you depart from New York, the birthplace of Broadway, why not try watch a show?

Aerial view of the Great Barrier Reef, Australia.
Great Barrier Reef (Photo credit: Martin Maun / Shutterstock)

10. Exploration of South Australia, coral expeditions

There are countless cruises that sail to Sydney, Melbourne, to Cairns along the Great Barrier Reef or the Kimberley Coast, but very few allow you to explore the delights of the South Australian coast. On this 10-night luxury cruise, you’ll depart and return to Adelaide, cruise around exclusive sites such as Kangaroo Island and Flinders Island, and spot unique wildlife along the way. As a bonus, you will be able to enjoy the Australian summer, when it is winter in the northern hemisphere.

Pro tip: Make sure you invest in some decent binoculars and a good lens for your camera, as you’ll get up close and personal with kangaroos, seals, penguins, and a plethora of other Australian creatures.

Theme cruises are popular vacation choices:


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