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Finding fast credit is often crucial, especially when responding to an emergency. To find out when to get the money from a loan, we tested different organizations to find the fastest loan. But what matters most is the type of loan. Indeed, the time to get the money from a car loan is not the same as that from a personal loan. And what about the deadline for obtaining a mortgage. Overview.

We will therefore review the methods for obtaining money from an urgent loan as quickly as possible according to the main types of financing. But here are the average times:

  • To obtain money from a conventional personal loan: 8 to 15 days
  • To obtain mini credit money under 200 $: 24 to 72 hours
  • Get money from a car loan: 8 to 15 days
  • To get the money for a mortgage: 15 days to 2 months

Time limit for obtaining money from a personal loan

Time limit for obtaining money from a personal loan

Unlike work and car loans, the personal loan is a credit without proof of the money that will be made available. It can therefore be a quick loan without proof. There is no specific stage of evaluation of the amount of a project with a professional and especially no need for invoice or estimate.

The time limit for obtaining personal credit money will therefore start to run from the moment you register your first fast credit application online. Remember that this step is not binding since only the contract that you will sign and that you will return will be authentic.

This first step helps to know who is ready to finance the need for money and at what rate. And it is to simplify this first step that we have developed an exclusive questionnaire. It allows you to file only one file and benefit from an assessment by the largest credit organizations of your choice. You will know who is ready to accept you and at what rate:

In terms of quick lending, organizations that are ready to fund the file will send contracts by mail. To save a few days on the deadline for obtaining credit money, certain organizations make the contract available in electronic format. There is more and more talk of online credit with electronic signature. In this case, either you can access it in an email that they will send directly, or they will send a password to download it from their website.

In the end, for the fastest, the time to get the money from a personal loan will be 7 to 8 days. Which is good since the Scrivener law withdrawal period is 7 days.

Specific case of store credits

Specific case of store credits

For store loans, it goes without saying that the time to get the money is zero. This is one of the few cases where you can get immediate credit. But in reality, the store gets the money. As for you, you have a debt to repay. As with car loans in dealerships, we advise you to be wary of store loans because they can be very expensive. In particular with revolving credit which makes it possible to obtain money from the credit in a minimum period but which offers revisable APR rates around 20% in general.

Time to get money from a car loan

Time to get money from a car loan

We will deal here with the delay in obtaining the money for a car loan for a new car. Indeed, for a second-hand car loan, you usually have to go through a personal loan, especially for sale between individuals. Auto credit is a specific form of consumer credit, which requires proof of purchase. The credit is allocated to the sale of a vehicle. It is also the reason why it is a little cheaper than the personal loan (the organizations know that they can seize a car whose value they control in the event of repayment problem).

To be able to minimize the time to get the money from a car loan quickly, you need to know the main steps:

  1. Define the budget necessary to purchase the vehicle.
  2. Obtain a prior agreement for the application for auto credit. This step lets you know if a credit institution is ready to finance the purchase. In case of prior agreement, you will receive a contract to sign.
    This step is not engaging, do it as soon as possible, it allows you to determine your real purchase budget and know the rates at which organizations are ready to lend you money. To obtain the best market rates and a first non-binding assessment of your file, simply use our credit comparator.
  3. It is only after having passed this stage that you will be able to sign the order form for the car (this is of course our advice). Prepare the credit file which you will have to send back: to reduce as much as possible the time to get the money for a car loan, you can already photocopy the following documents: proof of identity, your last bank statement, your last pay slip, proof of address, latest tax notice and bank statement. If your documents are already ready, you will gain 2 or 3 days to return the file.

Signing the order form

  1. Sign the order form for the car: at that time, you will have to pay a deposit check. There are two main things regarding the time it takes to get the money from a car loan in this case:
    • Make sure the purchase order mentions that your purchase is financed by credit. It is in this case that the law provides that you can withdraw and that you can break the sale within the withdrawal period without it costing you anything.
    • If you have not had the time to go around the consumer credit rate market and in particular to use our comparator, do not take the car loan from the dealer. Outside of an annual promotion period, it is very rare for rates to be competitive. Return your complete file to the cheapest credit institution. For the file to be complete, you need: a copy of the signed contract, all of your supporting documents and the order form. As soon as your file arrives at the credit organization of your choice, it is subject to a final study. If it is validated, the time to get the money from the car loan on his bank account is 2 to 3 days.

A car loan is never a quick loan

A car loan is never a quick loan

In summary, to get the money from a car loan, remember that you must first obtain a prior response from your credit report to be in complete control of your budget. Then you can order your car. By the time it arrives, you will be able to finalize and send your credit report. To get the money from the car loan, count at least ten days from the time you send your file.

Practical tip: it is always worthwhile to compare car loan rates online before hiring a garage. The car loan from builders is indeed generally more expensive than that offered by online credit organizations.

Time to get money from a work loan

Time to get money from a work loan

The work loan works just like the car loan. In other words, to obtain this credit, you must provide proof of use of the funds that will be made available. The supporting documents can either be a craftsman’s quote or an order form from a specialized store.

The advice for obtaining money from a work loan is therefore the same as for the car:

  1. Evaluate the amount of your work (do not stink because it will be difficult to get money from a second loan if the first is not enough)
  2. Study your credit application. This lets you know how much you can get and how much to repay each month.
  3. Order your work.
  4. Submit your credit report

From the sending of your complete credit file, we can estimate around ten days the time to obtain the credit money works.

Time limit for obtaining money from a mortgage

The functioning of the mortgage is quite similar to that of the car or work loan. But the time it takes to get money from a mortgage will not be the same at all. To save time, you have to go through an online credit system.

The advantage when you are looking for real estate is that if you fall in love, you can sign a compromise with a suspensive clause linked to obtaining a mortgage. In other words, if in the end you don’t get the credit, you won’t lose any money.

But it is still better to go around the banks before to find out if they are ready to follow you and up to what amount. To get clear and quick answers, there is nothing like real estate brokers. In addition, their mission is to find the best rate. This is the reason why we have backed the largest national real estate brokerage network which takes no cost to the client. To obtain a non-binding evaluation, you can fill out a quote request by clicking on the button below:

Get a mortgage

Get a mortgage

To obtain a mortgage, you will have to provide even more supporting documents than for a consumer loan. From the moment you get an agreement from the bank, they will edit the loan offers.

For the mortgage, the borrower has a mandatory reflection period of 10 days. This period begins the day after the receipt of offers, it is the law. After this time, the money may be paid to the notary in charge of the sale.

In the end, the time to obtain the money from a mortgage can be shorter than the famous 3 months which are generally the rule from the compromise. But to compress this delay, you must:

  • Contact a bank or broker as soon as possible to find out if they are ready to finance the case.
  • Let them indicate the full list of supporting documents they will need.
  • Build your file with all the supporting documents as quickly as possible.
  • Wait until the bank definitively validates the file and publishes the offers. It is the most stressful and what can lengthen the time to obtain a mortgage because the internal validation time can be very long.
  • Wait for the obligatory reflection period of 11 days (if the offers are delivered to you by hand, otherwise there is also a postal period)
  • Return your signed offers and have them given to the service of the bank which releases the funds
  • Let the notary collect the funds and have you sign

The deadline for obtaining a home loan is in fact never less than 1 month.