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Being in more difficulty does not mean that it is no longer possible to obtain a loan, although borrowing money is made more difficult by a wobbly personal and professional situation. A credit for a person unemployed, disabled, or stuck uLife Bank is feasible, provided you meet certain criteria, and go through the right organizations.


Social micro credit

Social micro credit

The social micro credit is a bank loan for those who can not borrow money in a conventional bank, and who do not meet the conditions for obtaining.

If a bank refuses to lend money, because I am banned banking, and I wish a credit for the uLife Bank, the micro credit is made for me.


Combine with a micro credit?

It is possible to borrow up to 5000 euros with a micro credit, even if this loan to destination of the “exclusive” turns rather around 2000 euros.

To apply for a micro social credit, it is necessary to address the associations, entitled to grant: Red Cross, Restos du coeur, and Secours Catholique for example. It is quoted on is forbidden bank is still possible. For the record, banks that accept bank bans generally refute to lend them money.


Loan for disabled people with disabilities

Loan for disabled people with disabilities

To be disabled a free financial waist, and if nothing authorizes the banks not to lend money to a disabled person, they remain the sole decision-makers in the acceptance of credits.

This is why the state has created the AERAS convention, which is to relieve the reluctance of banks to lend money to a person with a serious disability. It is therefore possible to insure and borrow with an aggravated health risk. It is possible to borrow through AERAS up to 300 000 euros, for a mortgage for example.

It is possible to pay the pension, it is possible to remit and question the medical condition.


Fair and unrestricted

Fair and unrestricted

There is the situation where you can look for an immediate loan without proof. Borrowing without a CDI, for example, proves difficult; and rare are the loans without proof of salary, same thing for loans for small incomes.


Can we borrow with a small salary?

It remains the solution of consumer loans, although it is difficult to recommend this type of credit, as interest can be important if it is difficult to repay the credit.

These consumer loan organizations do not often claim pay slips, as they limit the loan to a maximum of 2,000 euros in this case.


Borrow when you are unemployed

There is no unemployment credit per se, and the ANPE does not issue a personal loan for the unemployed. The only solution, when in this situation, is to use the social micro credit (see above).

Accompaniment quai we are unemployed is therefore an obstacle course, even if it is still possible, and at the discretion of the banks.

If they refuse, it is necessary to attempt personal loans between individuals, with different admission conditions. In addition, if one wishes to create a business and that one is job seeker, the helpers exist via the ANPE, inquire with his adviser.