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Applying for a new credit card may seem like a simple task. However, the variety of options available in the market can turn this undertaking into something more complex than imagined. Each card has peculiarities that can fully meet the desire of a certain consumer profile, but not the one of diamonds. Below you will find some tips for evaluating the hiring of a new card. And thus, do not regret the service purchased.


The Margie Bank to tow my credit card

credit card

Financial institutions in which you already have a current account or other contracted services may be the first option to be evaluated. A good history of relationship with the bank, such as up-to-date payments and account use to receive your salary, for example, are possible facilitators to negotiate a lower annuity or a credit limit that meets your expectations. In addition, attaching the new credit card to your checking account can provide important expense control and invoice payment assistance.

This, however, is not a rule. Listening to proposals from other institutions can lead you to better values ​​and better match your profile. So, research before closing a contract.


Credit Card Limit

Credit Card Limit

This is perhaps the most important item for the consumer who wants to have a new credit card in hand. This amount will be stipulated by the bank to which your card will be attached. As we said above, having a “good client” relationship with a financial institution can help negotiation. But it may not be enough to meet your need.

You should evaluate well what your real need is for a certain amount to use as a limit. (it’s no use using the card and you need a personal loan to pay it, right?). The fact that one bank offers a higher limit than another should not be the only factor to be taken into account for your choice. Here are some tips on how to know the ideal credit card limit according to your consumer profile.


Credit card interest policy

Each credit card profile has a specific regulation regarding the revolving interest rates charged to the customer. You probably do not have in mind the idea of ​​delaying the payment of the invoice or parceling its value. Even so, it is essential to keep an eye on the table that the bank instituted at the moment of the credit card offer. The fees for this type of service are usually quite high and can lead to problems for payment in the future. Evaluate well and negotiate such values ​​before making the hiring of the card.


Amount of annuity

Credit card interest policy

The annuity amount will be charged periodically from your card until its expiration expires. There are many instances of financial institutions that offer the first free annuity. Or, even, free cards of this fee until the contract is terminated. In this way, compare the values ​​offered by each bank before hiring.


National and international credit cards

A valid credit card outside of Brazil usually has higher maintenance and interest rates. If you travel abroad regularly or usually shop at international sites, opt for the international mode. But if you do not have this profile, a national credit card can fully meet your needs. And mean savings with annuity and other fees.


Benefits that credit card can offer

National and international credit cards

Most credit cards offer benefits that can make your credit card usage more attractive when it comes to shopping. If you are a frequent user of this form of payment, programs that accumulate points according to use can be a great advantage. There are cases of offers where you already start using your credit card with bonus points offered by the financial institution.

In the Brazilian market, many physical and virtual stores that have their names attached to the card offer discounts on purchases of products on the premises. If you are a loyal shopper, you can benefit from this extra discount. This includes airfare purchases and accumulation of miles, books, electronics, supermarkets, among others.