Ask for two tenant bail for the tenant? A habit now outdated and risky

If you are planning to rent your property (villa or apartment), it is very likely that different worries are popping up in your mind.

  • Will I choose the right tenant?
  • Will my property handle well?
  • Will it damage me?
  • Will you pay the rent regularly?
  • And the condominium fees?
  • Will I have to pay for them from my own pocket?

These are just some of the doubts that swirl in the head of any homeowner.

And to try to get around at least some of these problems, you’re probably thinking of asking for the famous security deposit . I’m talking about the classic two-month bail that you get as a guarantee from the future tenant, before handing him the house keys. A sort of safe in anticipation of any damage.

“If I ruin the parquet or if I break the appliances, at least I can recover something from the bail”.

This is the refrain that most homeowners repeat. And maybe you’re thinking about it right now.
Too bad that renting your own property in the 21st century and simply asking for a couple of months ‘bail is as dangerous as putting your hand in the lions’ cage.
It can be good for you and prove to be a magnificent and peaceful experience.

But it can also take a bad turn and reduce you rather battered.

But why has the classic security deposit in 2018 become a huge risk?

But why has the classic security deposit in 2018 become a huge risk?

What has changed in recent decades?

And above all, how can you protect your property and your assets from unruly tenants who do not pay you or cause damage?

To find out, you have to trust and enter the time machine for a few moments with me.

Are you ready?


Year 1962.

You own a beautiful apartment in the center.
You’ve struggled for years to pay off your mortgage and now you want to rent to enjoy the sacrifices you’ve made for your family in peace.
In this way, you can finally get an extra income for yourself and your loved ones. After a short search and some word of mouth, you receive a call from a possible candidate.

His name is Alberto and he is a young boy of 25 years. He recently got married to a girl from the town and they are waiting for the first child.

When you meet him face to face … SURPRISE! Find out who is the son of your childhood friend.

Of course, you can never know who you put at home … but the fact that it is the son of an acquaintance of yours calms you. It makes you hope he is a good person. And anyway, you’re sure he has the money to pay the rent, since he works as your uncle’s employee.

You immediately feel refreshed and think that it is the perfect candidate to entrust your home. You ask him for two months of bail as a mere formality and shake your hand to close the deal.

Now follow me and enter the time machine again with me.

Year 2018.

You are always the owner of a nice and well-kept apartment in the central area of ​​the country.

Place an ad on the main online property portals or delegate the search for a tenant to the trusted agency.

You find a candidate on the internet, but you don’t know who he is, what he does and what kind of treatment he can reserve for your property.

Take a look at his paychecks and decide to trust.

After a few months, however, the tenant stops paying rent and condominium fees. You are forced to take the money out of your pocket to cover the hole you created.

Yet he seemed like a good person at first sight!

You waste hours of your precious time trying to contact the delinquent tenant, but you only get doors in your face. Trigger the slow bureaucratic machine to evict him, spending more money and time trying.

And in the end – between condominium fees, phone calls, bureaucracy and lawyers – the TWO monthly deposit is over.


What seemed like a solid guarantee to protect you turned out to be completely inadequate.
Now, let’s leave the time machine.
As you can see, in recent decades renting your own villa or apartment was much more “simple”.

The level of social control you could exercise at the time was much more effective.

In most cases, in fact, you would have rented your property to a person who was part of your environment and of whom you could gather various information in the local community.

Today this level of control does NOT exist anymore. Unless you live in a village of 150 souls, in fact, it is very difficult for you to have a bond of acquaintance with most of your fellow citizens.

Maybe you know your neighbors.

Perhaps you recognize the faces of the people who live in your neighborhood.

But beyond a certain level, it is now impossible to know exactly who you are putting yourself at home.

Nowadays, people move, change work and lifestyle at an impressive speed.

You have no way of knowing relatives, friends, acquaintances or employers of the future tenant.

You have to trust a brief meeting in person and some piece of paper that certifies your salary.

The company has really changed sharply compared to 30 years ago. Once the famous handshake represented a real guarantee for you. And the two monthly bail were more than enough to make you sleep soundly.

The problem is that then NO ONE has bothered to warn you of this change and the fact that the simple security deposit is NO longer able to solve it and to protect you properly.

But how can we solve this problem?


It is no longer enough for you to “shake hands” with the tenant and conclude the deal by making the sign of the cross and hoping that it is a decent person.

You need to “shake hands” with an outside body that guarantees you economic support when your tenant stops behaving in a way.

  • A system that allows you to keep all the money in your pocket, even if the fee is NOT paid to you. And even if your property has major damage.
  • A system that allows you to EXPLOIT the (old and outdated) monthly bail and multiply them by 15 . A real guarantee in a sector where uncertainty reigns supreme.

And it is the ONLY way you have in the new millennium … if you want to enjoy the life of a home owner you deserve. Without the fear of having to shell out thousands of euros due to tenants who do not pay fees, condominium fees or who cause damage to you.

And if you are reading this article, it means you still have time to avoid burning your money unnecessarily and finding yourself at the mercy of a nightmare tenant.

I know it may sound like science fiction, but it’s all tested and guaranteed.

If you want to forget once for all the worries, thoughts and doubts that assail you when you want to rent your property, click on the link below and find out immediately how to fix yourself.

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